I was driving down Blossom Hill road into San Jose and trying to decide where to eat. I wanted to try a new Mexican restaurant so I asked Siri to recommend a nearby Tacqueria. She came up with Tacos El Compa Taqueria.

I hadn't heard of it before so I figured why not? I ordered my usual Carne Asada with no rice and no beans and extra sour cream.

This burrito was a fatty. Not as long as the La Vic's burrito but it was much fatter and packed with Carne Asada. The pico de-gallo sauce was a little over powering I don't like water oozing out of my burrito but besides that it was decent.

They also had fresca (I don't know if its freshly made or not) but I had the Cantaloupe which was good. It came in a 32oz cup which is a pretty good size. The total price was $16, which was a bit high in my opinion.

Overall it was decent and the sign says they handmake their corn tortillas so you might want to try out Tacos El Compa if you like tacos.