Coronavirus is wrecking havoc in various parts of the world, having spread from mainland China to as far as Europe and Asia. The disease has reached South Korea and caused quite a panic among the population. But South Korea is known to be one of the world’s largest centers for top tech developers. Now, software developers in South Korea have decided to take the fight to Coronavirus by way of tracking the spread of the disease.

How They Work

When the disease broke out in the country, there wasn’t much understandable information from the government to warn people about its spreading. Developers like Bae Won-Seok found the data provided by the government vague and not easily understandable by many people. These software developers took it upon themselves to find a viable solution to help people avoid the infection.

They developed mobile applications (apps) that map out the areas where infected people have been reported and where they have previously travelled. The apps also provide details about the reported patients. Armed with this information, app users can then make appropriate decisions about the places to visit and those to avoid. Bae is on the developer team that came up with an app called Corona 100m. There’s also another app called Corona Doctor.

Surge In Popularity

Since the app went live on February 11, it has scored over 1 million downloads, with over 20,000 installs every passing hour. The increased interest in the app has been fueled by the recent spike in the number of Coronavirus cases in the country. The 6 popular Coronavirus tracking mobile apps are now among the top 15 most downloaded apps in the country – according to data from Google Play.

The apps have filled a major information gap that the government has been unable to fix. Since the apps get data directly from the government, they’re able to analyze and make it presentable and easily understandable by the population. Those with the apps can track the spread of the virus in real-time and make sure to avoid the place where it’s been reported.

Increased Awareness

Granted, the mobile apps have played a huge role in saving lives, and their increased use have made people more aware and more cautious about the disease. Over 2,300 cases of people infected with Coronavirus have been reported in South Korea, and the country is now one of the largest outbreak hotspots outside China. Close to 100,000 cases of infection have been reported worldwide.

The virus has shaken many economic sectors, with entities like Hyundai closing down their plant in South Korea. Airlines are now checking passengers for signs of the infection. Schools have been closed. Even music bands have canceled scheduled concerts due to fear of the spread of the virus in populated areas. The WHO has warned that if not tackled in time, Coronovirus could turn into a global pandemic wipe out about 60% of the world’s population. It’s these serious factors that make such tracking apps very precious.