Look, there's a multitude of web browsers out there, and they all have their respective good and bad points. Most of us dedicate our allegiance to one specific browser, be it Firefox or Chrome, but it's worth checking out the other competitors on the market. Not just that, but how well they're doing as of right now. With that in mind, here's the ranking for the 5 best browsers of 2019

Number 5: Microsoft Edge


Now, now, hear me out. I know that Edge isn't exactly regarded as the best browser out there. In fact, it was a failure right at it's launch alongside the Windows 10 operating system. However, a couple years after it's failed launch, Microsoft is switching things up. Ditching the classic design, and changing the functionality of the system. The new system is based off of the Chromium interface, and it completely changes the way Edge works. Performance, design, functionality...it all changes for the better. This alternate version is currently in beta, so head online and grab it. Who knows? You might end up liking it.

Number 4: Safari


The Apple-based browser ends up on the list as a slightly sleeper option. People discount it's functionality based on the fact that it is a MAC exclusive. But let's not forget: This is a very capable browser. If you're stationed on MAC, instead of downloading a third party, using Safari can help your workload run way smoother, due to it being integrated directly into the Apple interface. Safari was kind of made for use on the MAC, and isn't lacking on the speed side either, folks. Not only that, but it's focus on privacy and security make it a great addition for security enthusiants who already use MACs. Try it out.

Number 3: Opera


Probably one of the most unique browsers on this list. Extremely similar to Google Chrome, but at the same time, entirely different. The UI will remind you a lot of Google Chrome, because Opera was built on the Chrome framework. But a lot of the functionality is entirely unique to Opera itself, making it a solid competitor to Google Chrome. Chrome's feature base relies on extensions. Opera, however, has features built in that make your life a whole hell of a lot easier. Take, for example, Opera Turbo, a feature that takes your web traffic and routes it through one of Opera's many servers, making your browsing experience that much faster. Included as well is Opera's built in ad-blocker, state of the art and sure to never disappoint. Opera has a bunch of features like this that make it deserving of a spot in our list.

Number 2: Mozilla Firefox


One of the most well-known browsers out there, besides Chrome, of course. However, when it comes to performance, Firefox almost outdoes it's competitor, and at certain points, it does feel like Firefox might be the better choice compared to Chrome. One of the big selling points is Firefox's unparalleled security, making malicious threat on the inter webs near-nonexistent. With Firefox installed, you will never have to worry about your computer taking a malicious turn due to your browsing. This, coupled with the recent update that changed Firefox to Firefox Quantum, push it way on top of our list. With this update, Mozilla made it's browser extremely fast with a sexy looking UI that's so easy on the eyes you might convert browsers taking one look at the thing. Hey, it's not a bad choice.

Number 1: Google Chrome


It had to be Chrome. It just had to. The sleek, speedy browser takes our top spot, and rightfully so. With Chrome, Google's built such an iconic browser who's user base is only growing. The Chrome Web Store, filled with millions of useful extensions, make using the browser as fun a experience as any. Not only that, but the performance you get out of the browser is just on another level. If you are a user of another browser, and switch to Chrome, you will feel a noticeable difference in speed, and that alone may cause you to switch. If it isn't the speed, it'll be the UI, although it isn't as sleek as what Firefox has put together. It's resource use is a little on the high side, but that won't be a problem unless your PC is really old. For anybody else, try Chrome. You'll like it, no, you'll love it, because that's just what Chrome is.