Despite the bad reputation that is associated with torrent sites due to their use in malicious, pirate, and unsafe technologies, these sites can still be used for good. Torrents have numerous legitimate uses such as downloading material and open source software from public domains. You are probably among the many people in the world that still use torrents to share content with friends and family globally. But what is the best torrent client for your connecting, speedy downloads, and customization needs? This review will give you a list of six of the best torrent clients that you can use today. Nevertheless, you must remember to remain safe while torrenting.

1.      qBitTorrent

The qBitTorrent package will give you speed, simplicity, and quality features rapped in one. The simplicity that is provided by this software removes any possibility of confusion for first-timer users. However, this torrent client is made for PC users meaning it cannot be used by a macOS or a Linux system.

qBitTorrent has the advantage of consuming the least number of system resources when running. Thus, it is perfect if your running system is inexpensive since you can complete other tasks while the software is working in the background.

qBitTorrent features include encryption, an integrated search engine, IP filtering and torrent creation, and a media player. It also offers prioritization of files within torrents and among the torrents. However, this torrent client has fewer plugins to its competitor uTorrent.


·         Resource friendly

·         Free from Ads


·         Fewer extensions

2.      Transmission

If you are a die-hard Apple user, this is the right torrent client for you. Over the years, Apple has improved its desktop operating system. Therefore, with the increase in improved security-related updates, many torrent clients have continually been rendered haphazard to the macOS.

This means that torrent clients like the commonly used uTorrent might not work efficiently with the Apple operating system. As a result, finding a torrent client for a Mac user can be a torturous process. This is where transmission comes in.

The software is extremely lightweight making the downloading process simple and enjoyable. Besides, Transmission has little configuration needs to start running even though it requires a manual installation.

However, Transmission is not present in the Mac Application Store. Therefore, you will be required to download it from an alternative source. Also, ensure that your Transmission version is always up to date to prevent any distribution of malware on your desktop.


·         Lightweight user interface

·         Resource friendly

·         Provides more information on downloaded files


·         Good for downloads only

·         Very simple with minimal features

·         Present ads


Downloading torrents can expose you to many security issues and threats. There is an added possibility of facing legal issues when you use torrents. is a cloud-based client that takes care of such issues since it is completely secure. This is because all the torrents come from the servers.

With this client, you have the added advantage of using apps on Android, App TV, iOS, and Roku for your downloading needs. In addition, you can integrate with Chromecase, download the RSS feeds automatically, or download from the client. torrent client has a feature that will let you stream in 4k in addition to its ease of use. Since this client is based online, you will not be required to install anything on your device. The only disadvantage of this client is that some features require payment before use.


·         Can stream videos in up to 4k resolution

·         Can use any web browser

·         Encrypted, secure, and easy to use


·         Some features require payment

4.      uTorrent

There is a high probability that this is the software that you have been using since you learned about torrents. Like qBittorrent, uTorrent utilizes minimum system resources summing up to about 6MB of your total RAM space.

uTorrent is excellent at creating torrents without any effort. You can also use this software to upload torrent files. Nevertheless, this easy to use torrent is filled with numerous ads. It also lacks a built-in search option.

On the other hand, uTorrent service providers always offer timely software updates to ensure that any bug issues and other minor details are addressed. Therefore, if you do not mind the ads this is the torrent client for you.


·         Resource friendly

·         Scheduling option for downloads and uploads

·         Provides many plugins


·         Presence of ads

·         No built-in search option

5.      Vuze

Formally known as Azureus, Vuze is free to use, has similar features to those of uTorrent, but can download files from varied content types. Nevertheless, when installing the software you can configure some of the settings. The installation instructions are simple to follow and execute.

The first challenge you might experience with Vuze will come during the first run because you are bound to run into problems. This is especially possible if your device is low-end. On the other hand, the software offers positive features such as bandwidth limiting, magnetic link support, and IP filtering.

You can also upgrade to the paid version of Vuze. An annual fee will get you exclusive Vuze features. This is, however, not necessary with the many different torrent clients that are free in the market.


·         Numerous plugins to select from

·         Provides magnet links

·         Media playback support

·         Remote control through the internet

·         Present social features


·         Resource hungry

·         Ads in free version

·         Does not support Android

6.      Deluge

This is a powerful tool for any torrent user. It is simple and extremely lean. Probably the biggest advantage of using this torrent client is its ability to integrate with browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Also, Deluge, unlike uTorrent, provides no unwanted software.

With this torrent client, you can schedule your downloads as well as name them in batches at will. However, there are disadvantages to using this torrent client. First, it has fewer plugins. Second, it has a different interface that makes the experience slightly difficult for uTorrent and qBittorrent users.

Nevertheless, Deluge has all the tools that you will require for your daily downloading needs.


·         Extendable through plugins

·         Scheduling important tasks

·         Can integrate with Chrome and Firefox


·         The interface needs getting used to

·         Fewer plugins