We've all heard of the great Google Chrome. Firefox is right up there as well. Even Microsoft Edge is widely known. But Opera? The browser based on the popular Chromium engine has not garnered the same amount of attention as the other candidates. However, recently Opera introduced a new type of browser: The Gaming Browser. We present to you, the Opera GX.

First, let's answer the question that is probably floating in your heads right about now: What exactly is a gaming browser. The answer is not easy to define. Opera was the first to coin the term, and through their browser, we can only guess it means a browser that is, well, you guessed it, made for gamers. Not that you can play games on it, but that everything from the layout to what is displayed on the home screen is designed to appeal to people who game. The layout has that classic RGB look, with the home screen delivering the latest and greatest gaming news.

As you can expect from any self-titled "Gaming Browser", the settings are entirely customizable. Want red? You got red? Want blue, maybe some green? One click away. Want the entire rainbow? Come on, Opera has that built in. It has enough customization options to keep an RGB head busy for days. What about the layout, you may ask. The layout can be customized any way that pleases you. But one of the biggest features in customization are the various extenstions that you can download. Opera has full access to the webstore that Google offers to their Chrome users. Literally hundreds of thousands of applications available to deck out your browser in.

But the biggest customization feature is something entirely game changing.
Add-ons. Twitch, YouTube, Telegram, Discord, all built right in the browser. The decision of which to include is up to you, the user. But there is no doubt the building in all these incredibly useful extensions, making them easy to pick up and use for any aspiring gamer. Seamless support makes this browser a definite pick up. Simply click the menu, select which extension you want (we wouldn't blame you if you picked all of them!), and just install them. The browser will take care of the rest. This combined with all the other incredibly cool customization options makes for a browser that every gamer will be picking up. But this isn't all.

The main event is a true game changer. A RAM limiter, perfect for those trying to balance the many tasks that their computer might not be able to handle. The RAM limiter will effectively limit the amount of RAM that the browser will use up. Setting it to the lowest will mean that the computer will end up using less memory to keep the browser afloat. Not much to say here, other than the fact that it is an aboslute BEAST of a feature.

There it is. The Opera GX. The browser that no one knows about, but one that people SHOULD know about. It might not match Chrome's extensive features (though it certainly rivals it!), or Firefox's security, but for gamers, it's perfect.