There are many things that Google Assistant can do for you in your home. For instance, it can adjust your thermostat with a simple voice command. Today, the device works with more than a thousand smart home brands.

Therefore, building your smart home around Google Assistant is easy. Devices such as a smart display will help you use fewer apps. It will also give you control over many devices without the need to reach for your mobile phone.

However, selecting the right devices is completely dependent on your personal preference. Nevertheless, here are some of the best Google Home devices that you can buy for your home. They are compatible with Google Assistant and, therefore, will be perfect for your Google-powered home.

1.      C By GE For Best Smart Light

After you have created the setup controls in your house using a smart display or a smart speaker, the next natural step is to determine the smart devices that you want in your house. Getting a smart light bulb is an easy first step.

When it comes to smart light bulbs that are compatible with Google Assistant, there is no better option than the C by GE light bulb. They are affordable, they have a Bluetooth feature, and they can be used with a Google Home device as a bridge.

This includes both the Nest Hub and the Home Mini. Besides, you can set up the bulb from the Google Home app and start controlling it from anywhere. All you have to do is ensure that the bulb is close to your Google gadget.

The bulb also responds quickly since it communicates directly with the Google device.

Best features:

·         Best light bulb with Google connectivity

·         Has Bluetooth features

·         Set up through Google Home app

·         Very affordable

·         Can be used with Google Home device as a bridge

·         Can use the app to control from anywhere

·         Quick response time

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2.      Google Nest Mini For Best Speaker

Google Nest Mini is another good option for starting the installation of smart devices. Besides, it provides an excellent alternative if getting an extra screen is not in your budget or wish list. Now in its second generation, the device has all the features of voice commands of the other Google speakers.

Also, the device has amazing voice commands as well as helpful extras such as stereo pairing with many Minis and intercom functionality. The device can also search the web, control other compatible gadgets, and play music.

Besides, the device has excellent audio quality. You can also use this device as a secondary device to the Google Nest Hub. This is a great affordable option for your smart home.

Best features:

·         Awesome audio quality

·         Google Assistant enables voice commands

·         Stereo pairing with other many Minis

·         Intercom functionality

·         Can play music

·         Very affordable

·         Can control other compatible gadgets

·         Can search the web

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3.      TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi For Best Smart Plug

Why do you need a smart plug? Well, it is a simple yet excellent way for you to add connectivity to your dumb devices in an effective manner. All you have to do is plug in a fan or a lamp and you will have control over these devices through an app.

This specific smart plug will give you access to smartphone app controls as well as Google Assistant compatibility. Besides, the smart plus is an attractive device that will look good on your wall. Also, it will not block any adjacent outlets in your home.

However, the Kasa smart plug cannot monitor your energy consumption. Nevertheless, it will let you control any old fashioned fan that you have using your voice. Additional, Kasa is affordable and it works with a 2.4GHz of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Best features:

·         Aids in controlling home devices

·         Has voice control features

·         Access to smartphone apps for device control

·         Connects to house Wi-Fi

·         Does not block adjacent outlets

·         Very affordable

·         Elegant design


·         Does not monitor energy connectivity

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4.      Ecobee3 Lite For Best Smart Thermostat

Global warming is making the temperature unpredictable. Therefore, having a device that you can use to control the temperature in your house without much effort can be convenient. This is where the Ecobee3 thermostat comes in.

The device will help you to change the temperature of your thermostat using your voice. Since Google is the company that owns Nest, this third-generation Nest Learning thermostat is the best option for your smart home.

Besides, Ecobee3 is compatible with both the iOS and the Android operating systems. This means that you can use the companion apps of either phone to control the device. Also, Ecobee3 is affordable and it does not compromise on features when compared to other smart thermostats in the market.

The device responds well to all the voice commands. It also responds to the intuitive controls. Therefore, manual scheduling is easy when using this device.

Best features:

·         Third generation learning thermostat

·         Allows voice command controls

·         Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones

·         Has apps for device control

·         Very affordable

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5.      Nest Cam IQ Indoor For Best Smart Camera

As far as security cameras go, Nest is the obvious choice. This is because the camera is an excellent device on its own. It will let you check out a live stream of your house remotely. Also, you will have access to motion sensor alerts as well as person alerts at no cost.

All you have to do is sign up for the Nest Aware service and you will have access to alerts based on what the camera sees. This happens because of the built-in facial recognition feature that the camera possesses.

Also, the camera has a built-in microphone that you can use to talk to your Google Assistant directly. Therefore, this is one device that is great for your home’s security as well as for Google connectivity.

Best features:

·         Built-in face recognition

·         Remote live stream access

·         Motion detection

·         Motion and person alerts

·         Built-in microphone

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