In 2010 there was only one iPad model in the market. Today, the market is flooded with a wide range of new as well as older versions of iPads. So, are you a prospective technology owner? Would you like to buy a new high powered iPad? The truth is, you have some work to do.

Besides, there are always new devices that are coming out. With Apple being the uncontested king of tablets, all the devices on this list run on the iPadOS operating system. But this does not mean that minimizing your choices to Apple tablets will make your work easy.

For starters, Apple has an iPad line that can be confusing. Many of the older and new versions of their devices have the same name, after all. Also, there are different options to select from based on power, size, and specifications.

Therefore, you might need to conduct a little research before you decide to buy one specific device. But if you want to buy an iPad now, take a look at this review to get a list of 5 of the best iPads in the world currently.

The Best iPad

1.      12.9 inch iPad Pro 2018 For Best Overall

If you like significant sized devices, then this big monster will prove to be worth your money. iPad Pro will eliminate the need for a mobile phone, a coloring pad, a laptop, a games console, and a music mixing table.

This device will offer you a chance to be creative and to flow perfectly with your work. Besides, the device also has useful peripherals, snappy iOS, and a big screen. Additionally, iPad Pro 2018 has one of the fastest processing power in the market.

It also includes four powerful speakers as well as a vibrant screen. You also have the choice of selecting one that has enough storage space for your needs. However, the battery life on this device is not the best since it does not last long. Also, the battery will charge slowly.


·         Large display

·         Music quality is unrivaled


·         Awful battery life

·         Short-range for Face ID

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2.      10.5 Inch iPad Air 2019 For Best Mid-range

This iPad is a compromise between the entry-level iPad and the most powerful iPad in the market. However, it is still more expensive than the iPad Pro 11. The price for this device in most countries is equivalent to its original price.

As a result, it is cheaper than the iPad Pro that was released in 2017. Besides, this non-Pro device has many high-end features that will allow you to substitute it with a laptop. One, it is the cheapest iPad in the market that is compatible with the Apple Smart Keyboard Cover.

Hence, you do not require any Bluetooth keyboard connections to work with the device. Two, it incorporates the Apple A12 chipset. This chipset is from the iPhone XS, and it is speedy. Thus, you can take notes and respond to emails quickly. However, the first generation Apple pencil will not appeal to artists.


·         Cheapest Smart Keyboard iPad

·         The laminated screen looks brilliant


·         Traditional design

·         Uses first-generation Apple Pencil

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3.      9.7 Inch iPad 2018 For The Typical Consumer

If you are a student or an average consumer of technology gadgets, then his iPad will be the best option for you. This 2018 iPad provides a dependable tablet that has been successful for a couple of years. Thus, it will give you great value.

Apart from dependability, the device is compatible with Apple pencil. This means that you can doodle on your 9.7-inch screen glass. However, this device will not offer you the smart keyboard that is on other Pro iPads.

The body of the device is the luxurious metal unibody but thinner than most other iPads. A touch ID fingerprint sensor has been included together with iOS 12 under the hood. Besides, the device also features a 10-hour battery life that will help you watch videos online.


·         Compatible with Apple Pencil

·         Affordable


·         Incompatible with smart keyboard cover

·         Overhyped education ambitions

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4.      7.9 Inch iPad Mini 2019 For Small Tablet

If you want a small tablet, then the iPad mini is probably the only one that you should consider. This small device carries some impressive features. It has the most recent processor from Apple, as well as decent battery life.

But what makes this device stand out from the rest is the fact that it incorporates the use of the Apple pencil. Hence, this tiny device is more or less a notebook in your pocket. Besides, the device is one of the best that you will get at its price.


·         Very portable size

·         Very powerful specs


·         Uses an older version of Apple pencil

·         Design is bezel heavy

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5.      7.9 Inch iPad Mini 4 For Best Mini

If you want an upgrade to the iPad Mini tablet, then this will be the option for you. Not everyone enjoys using a large screen. Hence the 7.9 inches of display on this device is perfect for anyone that wishes to buy a portable device.

iPad Mini 5 is also very lightweight. It is comfortable to hold for long periods, and it can comfortably fit in your bag. Besides, the device is still big enough to allow you to browse the internet as well as to watch videos when you are not near a big screen.

However, the device is not as productive as other iPads in the market since it lacks the Smart Connector. Nevertheless, the device is not meant to replace your laptop. Hence, it is still powerful enough with the presence of the Apple A8 chip.

Also, the screen is straightforward to use, vibrant, and sharp. This means that you can use the device in bright sunlight as well. 128GB storage is also significant enough for your needs. Besides, the iPad Mini 4 is very affordable.


·         Affordable

·         Awesome screen

·         Excellent design


·         No 3D Touch

·         Chipset is dated

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