Are you a rice fanatic but you hate the calculations that are involved in making the perfect rice? Well, this review is for you. Smart rice cookers will save you time and effort and in addition to making you soft, fluffy, and delicious rice, they will also give you space to make other dishes for your meals. With the influx of rice cookers from different brands in the market, take a look at this list which provides you with 5 of the best rice cookers that your money can buy.

Best Rice Cookers

1.      Aroma Housewares Cooker For Best Overall

Aroma is a brand that is known worldwide for producing compact products. Therefore, it is a convenient choice for many different people. This 8 cup cooker will make you high-quality rice as well as other steamed meals.

Aroma Housewares is the best overall choice because it can make many of your meals with a simple press on a button. The multi-purpose device will free you time to do other things such as reading your favorite book without compromising on making healthy meals for you and your family.

Besides, Aroma’s versatility allows you to cook both brown and white rice. It also features a keep warm setting that is activated when the rice is done the cooking. Also, you can use the steam tray on above to steam vegetables or meats while your rice is cooking.


·         Multi-purpose

·         8 cup capacity

·         Steamer function saves time

·         Delay time of 15 hours

·         Easy to maintain

·         Nonstick inner pan


·         Loud beeps

·         Short cord

·         Lid not fully removable

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2.      Zojirushi Induction Cooker For Premium Choice

The Zojirushi pressure cooker is versatile because of the features that it possesses. Therefore, it can accommodate different types of rice. Besides, the device will free your time in the kitchen since it offers a high rice capacity making it the most economical and effective way of cooking.

The Induction cooker has a keep warm feature that will keep your rice warm one hour after cooking. It also has multi menu cooking options and an LCD control panel that make the device one of the smartest rice cookers.

The Zojirushi rice cooker uses AI technology that aids in adjusting the cooking cycles. The result is the creation of perfect recipes. Besides, the technology used in this cooker will automatically select the correct cooking settings depending on your menu.


·         All fuzzy logic technology

·         Multi-menu cooking functions

·         Colored LCD control panel

·         Delayed timer and clock

·         Automatic keep-warm function

·         Nonstick inner pan


·         Cannot wash in a dishwasher

·         No water drainage system built-in

·         Brown rice cooks longer

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3.      Black Decker Cooker For Best Value

If you hate spending time making dinner, the Black Decker will be your saving grace. This device offers a cooking time range of between 20 to 30 minutes regardless of the type of rice being cooked.

It also has a keep warm feature that will keep your rice ready to each any time. Apart from cooking rice, the device can even steam food using its steaming baskets. Thus, you can make a complete dinner with this one easy to use the machine.

The indicator lights will notify you when your 6 cup device is cooking and when it is keeping warm. The nonstick bowl is also removable, which means cleaning will be easy. You can also place parts of the device in the dishwasher for cleanup.


·         Automatic keep warm

·         Nonstick rice pot

·         Tempered glass lid

·         PFOA and PTEE free

·         The coating is dura ceramic


·         Issues with capacity

·         Not durable

·         The instruction manual is hard to follow

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4.      Instant Pot Pressure Cooker For Best Selling

The Instant Po cooker is the bestselling cooker in the market because it combines the functions of seven kitchen appliances. Therefore, you can use the device as a yogurt maker and warmer, steamer, slow cooker, and a pressure cooker.

The device has fourteen programs that will make your favorite meal with a single button push. The sealed environment also traps all the aroma, nutrients, and flavor in your meal.

Besides, the technology used for this device has an inbuilt microprocessor that is responsible for studying and analyzing the pressure, heat intensity, temperature, and time of cooking. This ensures that your food remains tasty and healthy.

Instant pot cooker comes with an Alexa app that will help you while you cook. This feature also allows you access to more recipes while at the same time organizing your grocery list. The pressure cooker in this device will also ensure that your food is cooked on time.


·         Number 1 selling cooker

·         Has 14 smart programs

·         The inner cooking pot is stainless steel

·         Makes dishes 70 per cent faster

·         Easy to clean

·         Affordable

·         Multi-purpose


·         Possible spillage

·         Issues with capacity

·         Operations are messy

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5.      Cuckoo CRP-P0609S For Best Creativity

If you like making your meals with creativity in mind, then the Cuckoo rice cooker is the best option for you. It is currently one of the best rice cookers in the market because it maintains your culinary juices while remaining multifunctional.

Its versatility will make steaming vegetables, poultry, and fish very easy. The steam technology is also high-speed. It additionally makes sure that your food is not over or undercooked to maintain the health of your food.

The design of this device has a nonstick cooking pot and a full view tempered glass lid that makes checking on the progress of your food leisurely. The food you cook with this device will turn out entirely because of the use of the IH pressure system.

The pressure cooker also keeps the rice softer for an extended period. Cuckoo has a smart voice feature in three languages that you can use to interact with other users. It also has a water drainage system for disposing of all excess water making sure there is no lousy odour of unhealthy environments.


·         Nonstick pan

·         Steam reduces setting

·         Automatic keep warm feature

·         Umami setting that extends soaking and steaming time

·         Easy to wash


·         Rice only stays warm for 6 hours

·         Very pricey

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