In 1952, the then UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill wrote the Air Minister:” What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth?”

For 60 years going back to the 1950s until 2009, the UK government had been very interested in extra-terrestrial phenomena like the appearance of UFOs. Over the period, the country’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) had a special branch called the Flying Saucer Working Party that was tasked with investigating and documenting reported cases of UFO sightings. It’s during the 1950s that the UFO issue caught the attention of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, prompting him to ask the minister about it.

End Of Program

While investigating these cases, the special group documented and published them on the UK National Archives. However, the group finally concluded that the UFO sightings weren’t real, and that they were just hoaxes, delusions, or just normal objects mistaken for strange vessels. The group further recommended that the investigations be ended and the program scrapped. That happened in 2009 when the last case was published.

However, various other divisions of the Ministry of Defence continued to record and investigate UFO sightings, but these were not published in the UK National Archives. It’s now 2020, and that means that there are about 10 years worth of UFO-related information that hasn’t been released to the public. That’s about to change now.

Freedom Of Information

The government has now made a decision to release all the documents relating to the UFO cases (X-Files). However, unlike the previous releases that were channeled through the National Archives, the current ones will be channeled through a special website.

The government’s move to release this rather sensitive information that has been kept top secret for years was as a result of the efforts made by PA Media, a news agency based in the UK. The agency had filled a formal request for the release of the UFO files. This request is supported by a legal provision under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Big Q

The release of the X-Files will hopefully answer the one pertinent question that has troubled many people’s minds: Are UFOs actually aliens from other planets visiting Earth?

In fact, there have been numerous rumors that the United States government has an alien research facility at a secret place dubbed Area 51.