I'm updating this list on a regular basis. One of the many challenges on web development is how to get traffic and awareness about your new site.

I've tried advertising on reddit, twitter, facebook and google adwords, but I find the traffic conversion to be pretty bad and very costly to do as an ongoing marketing strategy.

The best way to get your site noticed is to get organic dofollow links. You may have success on reddit.com – try posting to a relevant niche and if your application is genuine and provides value you may get upvoted to the top. Do it too frequently and you'll either get shadow banned (automatic spamming algorithm) or banned by the moderators. So its a fine line.

If your site is tech related, you can get a lot of traffic from hacker news. But again spamming is frowned upon. I submitted remotejobs.today and got 4000 visits in one day when I made it to the first page.

So without further explanation here is the giant list of reddit clones:

Most of the reddit clones I could find were pretty bad. I only add the ones that were easy to register and get you a dofollow link right away. The traffic is pretty low on a lot of them, so we shall see how these links help over the next month or so in Google serps.

If you are a web developer and looking to run your own reddit clones there are two software applications I can recommend. The first is "Lemmy" which can be installed with docker and the project is at https://github.com/dessalines/lemmy

The second one I came across is Postmill. It also has a docker image you can run so setup is easy and isolated. https://gitlab.com/postmill/Postmill