iPhone lovers were kept on their toes as they wondered when the iOS 13.1 would be released. If you're one of such, then the big news is that Apple has just launched the iOS 13.1 as the second iteration of the iOS 13. This newest kid on the block was released on September 24, 2019, to curb the bugs on iOS 13.0 and revamp the latter with more features.

We'd previously covered the iOS 13.0 features and how to download the iOS 13. Now, we'll focus on the iOS 3.1 features, and how you can update to iOS 13.1. Much more, you'll also get to know other upcoming software updates Apple has in store for its smartphones.

About the iOS 13.1

The iOS 13.1 is a software update that seeks to fix bugs that were prevalent on iOS 13.0; the first version of the iOS 13. iOS 13.1 also implements features that were missing from its predecessor.

iOS 13.1 Bug Fixes

Here are some bugs of the iOS 13.0 which are addressed:

1. General Errors:

After the release of the iOS 13.0, there were noticeable errors on devices running the software. Some of these flaws include dimming screen while the lock screen is active, Siri not working with CarPlay, camera problems, Mail issues, failure signing in to iCloud, cell signal dropping, amongst others. These bugs have been tackled.

2. Location Privacy Settings Issue:

There was also a problem with location permissions on the iOS 13.0. According to Fast Company, a user's selecting the option 'Never' in order not to share their location with an app, is sometimes changed automatically to 'Ask Next Time'. However, this privacy issue is addressed in iOS 13.1.

3. Lock Screen Bypass Bug:

On iOS 13.0, an unauthorized person could access a user's contact list while the iPhone is locked. The access is granted by taking advantage of FaceTime's call as well as Siri's voiceover feature. This lock screen bypass bug has also been fixed on the latest variant of the iOS 13.

iOS 13.1 Features

Before the release of the iOS 13.1, Apple launched the iOS 13.1 developer beta on August 27, 2019. The beta version had numerous features which were absent on the iOS 13.0. Now, the iOS 13.1 beta features have become a part of the iOS 13.1. Some of these features include:

1. AirDrop:

iPhones can share files via AirDrop; however, they do so by determining the position of the receiving device. This AirDrop update saves the sender the time that would've been spent scrolling through a list to locate the recipient in a public place where there are several iPhones.

2. Share ETA:

The iOS 13.1 comes with a Share ETA feature that can be used with Apple Maps. As a result, users of an iPhone with this iOS version can share files with a contact based on an estimated time of arrival to a location. The contact is notified via iMessage, and another message may be sent to them automatically if the map detects they'll be running late.

3. AirPods Volume Indicator:

There is an AirPods volume indicator on the iOS 13.1. The Airpods icon is visible as you adjust the volume of your smartphone while the AirPods are connected. Similarly, this icon is visible when headphones like the Powerbeats Pro and HomePod are inserted into the iPhone.

4. Shortcuts Automations:

The iOS 13.1 features a 'Shortcuts' which was absent on its predecessor. This feature enables you to set up new routines directly from the Shortcuts app. When the settings are in place, the scheduled actions will be executed automatically depending on whether specific conditions occur.

5. Dynamic Wallpapers:

There has been an update to the dynamic wallpapers available on the iPhone. The appearance of some wallpapers has also been changed. Likewise, dynamic wallpapers that could only be used on the iPhone X and later versions have been made available on older devices.

How to Download iOS 13.1

Follow these simple steps to download iOS 13.1:

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on General > Software Update
  • Download and Install the software on your phone

On the other hand, some iPhones will prompt the user to update if they haven't done so manually.

Possible Update for iOS 13.1 to Combat its Flaws

Despite the bug fixes on the iOS 13.1, there is still a flaw with the latest version of the iOS. Apple, in an official security post, pointed out a bug on the iOS 13.1 as well as on the iPadOS 13.1. According to the American technology company, third-party keyboard apps can gain full access to the user's iPhone or iPad even when the user has not authorized this access.

Nonetheless, Apple said the bug does not affect built-in keyboards such as the official iOS keyboard. The company added that it does not affect apps that do not request for full access. Despite this, it intends to roll out an update to fix the bug. To that effect, caution has to be exercised while downloading third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad devices since there may be apps out to exploit this vulnerability.


IOS 13.1 is meant to improve the level of performance of iOS smartphones. Thus, it can provide a more seamless operation on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and other compatible iPhone models. Nevertheless, more updates are expected soon.