Who would've thought that a keyboard as large as a tray would one day fit into a pocket? Not very many people, we'll tell you. But today, that's entirely possible with the Official Laser Keyboard, the world's first Bluetooth laser projected keyboard. This input device saves you the stress of carrying around a bulky physical keyboard.

Therefore, when next you're heading to school, work, library, or the Cafe, you can leave your bulky keyboard and laptop at home. And no, you won't be missing out on a broad interface to run your fingers on, because this Laser Keyboard offers something better. It is small, light, and provides the same functionality you would get with a physical keyboard and even more.

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How Does The Official Laser Keyboard Work?

The Official Laser Keyboard is an input device that projects the image of a virtual keyboard onto a firm flat surface such as a table. A user who touches the keys within the QWERTY keyboard layout of this device can operate as if it were a physical keyboard. On the other hand, this Laser keyboard records the user's keystroke, and the keys are reflected on their screen.

Features of The Official Laser Keyboard

At this point, you may wonder what makes the Official Laser Keyboard unique, and if it can be any good from the basic keyboard, you already have. The features below will give you a good idea of the capabilities of this device:

1. It's Really Portable:

Portability can be everything, especially if you tend to move back and forth with your tablet or laptop during the day. Manufacturers may have tried to make these devices lightweight, but holding them for a long time could be tiring at some point. For this reason, the Laser Keyboard, a small, light, and pocket-friendly device you can make do with. Its compact design makes it easy to carry about for long distances without feeling like there's considerable weight in your pocket or backpack.

2. High-quality sensors:

The Official Laser Keyboard operates intelligently, thanks to the high-quality sensors it features. Upon being projected to a surface, this device can keep accurate track of finger movements, which ensures the right keys are captured. Therefore, place it on a desk or flat object, turn it on, and you'll be able to get some work done right from its unique interface. It's red light also means you can work even in the dark since this light is bright enough.

3. Universal Support:

You can pair the Laser Keyboard up with an Android or iOS smartphone, and the same applies to a computer running on Windows, Mac, or Linux OS. To that effect, you can conveniently use this keyboard with a phone, tablet, or a mini PC. Connect it via Bluetooth to your device, and a connection will be established. What's more, support for smartphones means you can finally get serious work done from your mobile phone even if you left your PC at home or at the office.

4. Bluetooth or USB Support:

For devices supported by this keyboard, a seamless connection can be created between the keyboard and your smartphone/computer via Bluetooth or USB. Bluetooth, for instance, will allow you to sit a considerable distance away from your device while typing. Nonetheless, a USB can also prove very useful.

5. Durability:

The Official Laser Keyboard has been built to be functional for a long time. It can withstand impacts with surfaces such as coffee tables. That is why if it is handled with great care, it can have a long life span and give you every dime of your money's worth. Therefore, you'll be spending so little to get great value.

6. Super Cheap:

Despite the features of the Laser projection keyboard, it is offered at a budget-friendly price. Its low price makes it an affordable alternative to using a physical Bluetooth keyboard. What's more, you can get 10% off your purchases by clicking here to buy the Official Laser Keyboard.

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There's no need to be confined to an office space or library when you have a projection keyboard such as the Official Laser Keyboard. Work becomes easier and something to look forward to when it can be done conveniently and anytime from your favorite space. Now all you need is a flat surface, and then you can begin using this input device to increase your level of productivity.