If you find torrents inconvenient or don't know how to set up a Plex server, streaming apps may be the easiest and best way for you to access content for free. Over the years there have been many dominant apps on the market, and with the demise of Terrarium TV in 2018, many developers have attempted to fill the void that Terrarium TV left.

5) Cyberflix

This app is a mod of Terrarium TV. It maintains old scrapers and is ad-free. The same features that were available in Terrarium TV are available in this app. Real-Debrid integration does not add many links in my experience.

Looks just like any other Terrarium clone

This one has been in development since Terrarium TV died, and for that it deserves to be on this list. However, it does not pull many links and most of them are not very high quality.

4) Morph TV

Morph TV is a mod of the late Morpheus TV. It supports torrent streaming out of the box. It doesn't have Real-Debrid integration, but it does have an easy to use UI and settings section. As of writing, the app collects a moderate amount of links for popular movies but fails to collect any for older content. No ads!

One of the easiest to use UIs on this list

3) Apollo TV

Apollo TV is a strange case. It does one of the worst jobs finding links out of any app on this list, but the UI is incredible. It has a better UI than most paid streaming apps out there. According to the official website:

ApolloTV's interface is clean, simple  and approachable. Every aspect of the interface is designed to make your  life easier and your experience wonderful.
However,  despite our love of simplicity and approachability, we think everyone  should be able to make their experience their own. ApolloTV contains a  slew of customization options.

The app is open source, has no ads, and uses a server sided scraping system, which is advantagous and disadvantagous. For one, it allows for universally cached results, which Apollo TV's server has not yet implemented, but will in the future. Secondly, it requires much less load on the app itself. It is disadvantagous to Apollo TV because it costs a lot to run their server. Secondly, to resolve certain providers such as openload, you must send your page data to their server to eval the page scripts. This can give away personal data to their server. Despite the server being open source, there is no way to fully trust this app's server unless you host it yourself.

Just look at how beautiful this looks:

The app has Real-Debrid integration for premium providers, but does not support cached torrents.

2) Cinema HD

This Terrarium TV clone works extremely well. It scrapes off of a lot of sites, and has Real-Debrid integration. The UI is one of the best that I've ever seen, obviously heavily inspired by Terrarium TV's UI. There is a way to remove ads by donating bitcoin.

Bitcoin donation screen

This app works flawlessly and pulls tons of links.

Scraping results before linking Real-Debrid

Cached torrents is a huge plus in our book.

Scraping results after linking Real-Debrid

1) TVZion

The greatest streaming app ever made. That is, if you pay. TVZion is only amazing if you pay for ZionClub and have Real-Debrid. If you do have this combination, TVZion will find a link for every single show and movie in existence. It will find remuxes for 50 year old movies in seconds. There is even a feature to add torrents to your Real-Debrid account and access them later. Cached torrents become something to rely on and you can never go back.

The main trade-off in this case is the price. It costs around $5/month to have a Real-Debrid subscription and a ZionClub subscription. However, the app truly is the best if you have the money. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't use TVZion if you don't have ZionClub and Real-Debrid, but I'm also telling you that the other apps on this list are better options.

I mean, look at these links! OH MY GOD!


All of these apps have their pros and cons. We could tell you to just pay $5 and stick with TVZion, but we recommend that you try them all out for yourself. The official site download links can be found below.

  1. TVZion: https://zionapp.live/
  2. Cinema HD: https://cinemahdapk.com/download/
  3. Apollo TV: https://apollotv.xyz/
  4. Morph TV: https://teamnn.xyz/app/morphtv.html
  5. Cyberflix: https://www.cyberflixtvapk.com/cyberflix-tv-download/