So you saved up a good chunk of cash so that you could afford that smartphone with the killer camera. Why then do you need a smartphone camera lens?  This is why.

An Add-on camera lens adds detail to mobile phone cameras. It also allows you to zoom in on an object that is some distance away without losing focus quality. Besides, this simple and small device will negate the need for a professional camera making it perfect for travels and safe for your bank account.

Buying The Perfect Smartphone Lenses

The market understands the value of an add-on lens. So naturally, there are numerous options available that can make selection difficult. Apart from giving you a list of the best camera lenses in the industry, this review will also give you a guide on how to buy a quality lens. After all, there are lenses in the market that can deteriorate the quality of your photos. These are the things that you should consider before you purchase your add-on lens

1.      Durability and Material

Some lenses in the market will offer you a premium optical glass while others will give you solid quality materials. Both of these factors increase the durability of the add-on lens. You will also have the option of finding sturdy storage cases that will hold your lens contents together as you travel.

2.      Price

Many good quality lenses in the market are affordable. These gadgets balance cost and features.

3.      Ease Of Use

Lenses that are difficult to use exist in the market. Rather, select models that have a rubbery design since they will keep the lens from slipping. Also, choose one that has a clip that is easy to use as it glides on your smartphone.

The Best Add-on Lens For Your Phone

1.      Aukey Ora Lens For Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 6, 7, and 8

This 2 in 1 lens set is not only designated to Samsung and Apple phones. It can be used on other phones as well. The camera lens is also very highly regarded through its reviews. Besides, the price of this lens kit is affordable.

Aukey lens has been designed with a spring-loaded clip that you will use to attach to your phone. One of the lenses available in the kit has a 120-degree wide-angle while the other is a 15x microlens.

However, the design has a snug fit that makes it unsuitable for smartphones that have two rear cameras such as Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. Nevertheless, the clip is made from soft rubber that ensures no marks are left on the screen of your phone.


·         Aluminium construct that provides high quality

·         Clip-on design is simple


·         Not for Dual rear camera phones

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2.      Moment Wide Lens For Pixel, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

The Moment Wide Lens is high quality but it requires a compatible phone case. Regardless, these lenses do not clip to the phone like the other options in the market. Instead, you will attach your lens to your phone case.

One other advantage of using this device is that the phone case has been designed in a manner that fits a range of phones that include Samsung, Google, and Apple smartphones. On the downside, you will have to purchase the phone case so that your lens can fit on your phone.


·         The lens is high quality

·         Lens has minimal distortion

·         Fits perfectly to the phone case


·         Slightly pricey

·         Requires purchasing the phone case

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3.      Nelomo Universal HD Lens For Most Smartphones

The Nelemo kit has three lenses. One has a very wide-angle, the other is 15x macro, and the last one is a 230-degree fisheye lens. Also, you do not need to use a large clip to attach this lens to your smartphone since it employs a rubber ended screw.

What this means is that you can use this camera lens on phones that measure between a thickness of 7mm and 10mm. Thus, this lens is perfect for recent smartphones in the market like Google Pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy S9, and iPhone 8 and X.

The macro lens on the kit offers a 15x zoom quality as well. As if this was not enough, you will also have a microfiber cleaning cloth as well as a bag, a hook for clipping to your bag, and a protective carry case.

The only disadvantage of using this device is that it does not clamp around phones that already have thick cases since it has a limit of 10mm thickness.


·         Screw fit system is compact

·         Has a carry case


·         Costly than some larger cases

·         Cannot fit some thin and some thick phones

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4.      Jopree Mini Lens For Affordability and Compactness

The Jopree Lens has three lenses in its kit. The type of lenses includes a 15x macro, a 180-degree fisheye lens, and a 120-degree wide-angle lens. Even though the fisheye is not that broad it can still bring more subtlety to your pictures.

The Jopree lens incorporates a spring-loaded clamp that you will use to hold the lens over the camera of your smartphone. This clamp will fit over the front camera of many phones making it perfect for selfies as well.

Apart from the three lenses, the kit also includes a cleaning cloth, a carry case for keeping your items together, and a protective container for each lens.


·         Compact

·         Fits many phones

·         Value for money


·         The large clip does not look nice

·         Small lenses can get lost easily

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5.      CamKix Universal 3-in-1 Lens For Convenience

This kit will give you value for your money. With a low budget, you will enjoy a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens. This device is also convenient since the lenses are screwed over the top of each other. Thus, it is easy and fast to change from one lens to the other.

However, ensure that the lenses remain clean and free of scratches since using the wind lens ultimately leads to using the macro lens underneath. Additionally, this kit has a clip mechanism that will fit both tablets and smartphones and a carry pouch. Besides, be creative with your snapchat by fitting this lens on your webcam.


·         The wide-angle and macro lenses are screwed together

·         Very affordable


·         The price might deem it of unworthy quality

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