The world that we live in today is a world of possibilities. Your work is to use your imagination. Besides, new technologies such as drone technologies make these possibilities a reality.  If you love photography, camera drones will help you capture landscapes that are beyond your reach. The increasing professional build quality of these drones will help you capture fascinating details from the sky. Here is a list of 3 of the best camera drones currently in the market, including one for beginners, and a guide to help you pick the right one.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Drone Camera

Just because you are not a professional it does not mean that you cannot own a camera drone. You can use this device in several ways. For instance, carry it with you when traveling, hiking, or just as a hobby. But before you buy one, consider the following:

Believe it or not, the quality of the camera is not the most important factor in a drone. Things like 3D flip, one key home return, hovering, and headless mode flying are the most important features to consider. But this does not mean that you should compromise on picture and camera quality.

The Best Camera Drones For Your Needs

1.      DJI Inspire 1 For The Best Drone

This is arguably the best camera drone in the market because it has a 360-degree rotation capability. This means that you will get an unrestricted view of the region that you are exploring. Also, this camera drone is safe for traveling since you can remove the 3-axis gimbal and the camera system of the drone.

Besides, this drone is compatible with three of the Zenmuse camera’s that include the X3, X5, and X5R cameras. You will also enjoy a higher precision with this camera due to its dual positioning system. Moreover, you have the option of using a one-touch landing or takeoff.

Additionally, the controller on the drone has buttons that are dedicated for video and photo capture, camera settings, dials for gimbals, and more. Another advantageous feature of the drone is the dual operator mode.

This means that while one person is controlling the camera the other will be controlling the flight. And, you are provided with a built-in simulator so that you can practice before use. Nevertheless, intelligent power management in this device is one of its greatest features.

DJI Inspire 1 also has an inbuilt algorithm that will calculate the distance the drone will take as well as the estimated time it will take to return. This will make it possible for you to notify when the drone should be back.

The accessories that you will get with this drone include lens filters, a deluxe bundle, and an extra battery.


·         Intelligent power management

·         360-degree camera rotation

·         Removable 3-axis gimbal

·         High camera resolution

·         48mph speed and 18 min flight time

·         Beginner simulator


·         Cases of malfunction reported

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2.      DJI Phantom 4 Drone For Long Flights

If you want to spend more time in nature and on your drone, this is the perfect option for you. The battery life of the Phantom 4 is up to 28 minutes. Additionally, the security on the drone is excellent since it has an obstacle avoidance system. Besides, the newest models have lenses that offer crisp and clear videos.

Other advantages that you will enjoy when using this drone include multiple flight modes such as Atti mode, Position mode, and Sports mode. The position mode uses satellite and vision positioning, active tracking, and tap flying. The sports mode boosts speed and agility.

Atti mode holds the altitude of the drone when in air. The drone also has a flexible shock mount. Moreover, the Vision Positioning System in the drone is improved. This means that your drone can hover even though there is no satellite positioning.

There are also obstacle sensors in the four legs of the drone that will avoid obstacles when in flight. However, even though this drone can tilt up and down it cannot spin in a 360-degree angle. Additionally, the drone logs details of the flight automatically such as duration, speed, route, and distance.

You can also stop the Phantom 4 drone using the braking system. Accessories in the drone include an extra battery, quick release propellers, charging hub, and lighting kit. Also, beginners have a simulator with a beginner mode that limits heights and other features to the skill of a newbie.


·         28 min flight time

·         Multiple flight modes

·         Obstacle avoidance system

·         Improved Vision Positioning System

·         Beginner simulator

·         Active braking system

·         45 mph speed and 28 min flight


·         Lacks a 360-degree range

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3.      Holy Stone F181 For Best Beginners

If you are just a beginner in aerial photography, then this is the drone for you. It is among the cheapest drones that carry a camera. Also, the camera drone has four options that you can use to customize ranging from low to high according to your expertise.

However, as the level of expertise increases so does the handling sensitivity of the drone. Moreover, the drone has an altitude feature that will hold your drone in the air and place. Additionally, the drone has a range of about 100m.

In addition to the 360-degree continuous roll feature that this camera drone has, it can also flip in four ways. This is forward, backward, left, and right. Therefore, the performance on this drone id incredible and the action is perfect.

One other feature that is commendable about this drone is the headless security system. This helps the drone to withstand the wind. As a result, your Holy Stone drone will not fly backward on a windy day.


·         Best for beginners

·         Has 4 levels of expertise

·         Very affordable

·         360-degree continuous roll

·         Altitude hold feature

·         100m range

·         Can do flips in 4 ways


·         Only good for photography but not necessarily for videography

·         20 mph speed and 8 min flight

·         Motor burns out easily

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