If you are a rabid Star Wars fan, then you will probably be disappointed to learn that Baby Yoda items won't be among the gifts you will be sharing this Christmas holiday season. According to reports, the decision to maintain the surprise of Baby Yoda’s character reveal was made by Jon Favreau.

The Fan Base Is Stirring With Excitement

Favreau, the executive producer of ‘The Mandalorian’, said that in his opinion, what people really value is to be surprised and delighted, something that has become quite a rarity these days. He added that in the current world, it’s very difficult to keep secrets about projects that a person is currently engaged in. Favreau added that by holding back on the Baby Yoda product, what they got in exchange for the disappointment was an excitement on the popular character largely because of  the mystery and excitement that now revolves around the feeling among fans that they all discovered Baby Yoda together.

Childhood Memories

Jon added that the decision brought up memories of his experience while growing up, something that could be taken as to refer to the 1977 Kenner’s Star Wars Holiday offering of the ‘Early Birds Collection.’ The collection was made up of certificates that guaranteed that the holder would be the recipient of the first release of Star Wars action figures, once they were ready in a few months time.

Following that tradition, earlier this week, a report in Forbes said that a single piece of the official Baby Yoda merchandise has been made available for pre-order through Wal-Mart. The toy itself is slated for release in June 2020. At Wal-Mart, you can also find a ‘Funko Pop!’ version of Baby Yoda on pre-order. Baby Yoda's popularity has already taken a notch higher, with the character being depicted in memes all over the internet.

Possible Star Wars – The Mandalorian Crossover

‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 is already in production, with Favreau in charge of one of the episodes, and according to the show’s creator, there is a chance that some of the characters in the show, including Baby Yoda, could be introduced into the Star Wars movies from the Disney-owned series. If this happens, fans may be able to lay their hands on merchandise and toys in the future.

Favreau intimated that he sees an opportunity to explore the show’s characters beyond the themes in the popular sci-fi TV show. In his opinion, there’s a very clear line between what movie goers experience at the movie theatres, and what his show brings to the viewers back at home. In this case, ‘The Mandalorian’ is very exciting to him because it allows him to tell stories for several hours, and not within the limits of a single movie experience.

Favreau is also planning to lobby Disney to allow him to create a special Star Wars film for the holidays. Although Baby Yoda will be missed over the holidays, there’s still something interesting to look forward to.