The Christmas season is always filed with lots of weird stories and drama, but no one really expected to hear anything like what one David Wayne Oliver did a few days ago. On 23rd December, just two days to Christmas, David decided to pull a rather radical move – could be some kind of Robin Hood version of his own imagination.

On the said date, the 65-year-old walked into the halls of the Academy Bank in Colorado Springs.

Next, he started a fracas and threatened “to use a weapon” if his wishes weren’t immediately granted. He ended up robbing the bank and walking out with an undisclosed amount of cash. However, it’s what he did next that has had people confused.

Conspicuous Santa?

After making away with the loot, David then started throwing the money up in the air and at passers-by and yelling “Merry Christmas!” More precisely, this guy robbed a bank, and then threw all the money at people as a Christmas gift. The incident took place at around lunchtime. The police describe him as an “older white male.” As anyone would expect, robbers run away from the scene of crime after committing their vice. That’s not what this man did. He stayed.

After his “mission” was complete, the Santa-like white-bearded man then walked over at a nearby Starbucks coffee shop and sat right in front of the establishment. He patiently waited for the cops to show up and gave himself up for arrest without incident. Police reports confirm that David has since been booked into the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center.

It’s not yet clear if or when he will be charged with the robbery. The motive of his actions is still unclear.

The Strangers Didn’t “Co-Operate”

This new “Santa” may have had his mission planned out, but he missed one crucial point that would become a huge flaw in his plans. Apparently, people aren’t very receptive of stolen gifts. After he threw the money on the streets, people picked it up, but instead of bolting out and spending it on Christmas as intended by the robber, they took it right back into the bank.

The Santa Claus Robbery

This incident somehow rings a bell to another one that happened many decades ago. On 23rd December, 1927, some ex-convicts who hadn’t reformed decided to disguise themselves in Santa outfits during the Christmas season. They then got into a bank and made a robbery in a bank in Cisco, Texas, making away with around $12,200 in cash and about $150,000 worth of securities.

However, they were apprehended a few days later.