It’s not uncommon for big corporations, celebrities and very rich people to fork out a small part of their fortune to help pay for students’ lunches in schools. However, what’s very uncommon is someone like this little kid from Washington embarking on a daring venture to achieve the same goal. Keoni Ching is just 8 years old, but that didn’t stop him from cultivating a lovable personality.

The Lunch Problem

For years, school lunches have been a rather thorny issue in various parts of the United States. There have been a number of news headlines reporting of kids whose lunches have been withheld at school or they have been lunch-shamed because they had a lunch debt that they were unable to clear. Even after the education authorities ordered schools not to deny these kids their lunches, some schools have gone ahead to institute some crafty tricks by only giving the kids some low-value lunch like jelly sandwiches.

Keoni Takes Action

For little Keoni, this is an issue that needs urgent fixing, and who is to fix if not the people themselves. As a special project during the Kindness Week, Keoni, who studies at the Benjamin Franklin Elementary school in Vancouver, Washington, decided to do something to help cover the lunch bills for his schoolmates.

With the help of his mom and dad, the now-popular kid started a small business. He would make some nice key chains and sell them for just $5 each.

Soon, word of his special project went out and he started receiving and servicing key chain orders from all over the country. Some people would even pay as high as $100 for a key chain to support Keoni’s vision. And he did it.

Clearing Debts

By the end of his unique venture, Keoni Ching had managed to raise a cool $4,000 through his business. This cash was more than enough to clear the total lunch debt for all students at his school, so he cleared the $500 debt and deposited a further $500 to cover for any future debts incurred by poor students.  The rest of the $3,000 remaining was divided among six other schools, with each receiving $500. In essence, not only did this pure-hearted kid clear all lunch debts at his school, he also did so for students in six other schools.

As the saying goes, true heroes don’t wear capes any more, and it’s pretty certain that Keoni Ching will be remembered for his kind deed. He could have used the money to buy himself some toys, but he choose to help the needy instead. Indeed, in his own words, Keoni Ching said,” It just makes the world a better place.”