The fight to end cybercrimes has been on for some time, and no matter how things may appear today, it would have been worse if not the help of certain cybersecurity companies.

In 2015, about $3 trillion was lost worldwide to cybercriminals, and if nothing drastic is done to checkmate these criminals, the world should be ready to lose up to $6 trillion by 2021, based on reports.

In this write-up, we look at some of the great industry titans who have kept the cyberspace as clean as possible, without which the cyber world would have been full of chaos.

1. IBM

IBM is a company that ensures the cyberspace remains free of malicious activities and fraud, hence its creation of the IBM Security platform, which provides security solutions for mobile devices, PCs, and networks. The company adopts artificial intelligence and cloud platforms in its fight against cyber threats.

2. Amazon (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon is at the forefront of cloud service protection. Amazon has designed its own unique security solutions that guarantee the safety of user data, in compliance with regulations provided by the relevant authorities. Its platform features DDoS mitigation as well as infrastructure security.

3. Symantec

Symantec has been in the security business for more than thirty years in which it provided top-notch security services. The company's strong points include cloud security, mobile security, and endpoint security.

Symantec also provides network, cloud and email security services as well as advanced threat protection. Symantec also controls one of the world most effective and used antivirus software product known as Norton. Created in 1991, its antivirus software protects mobile devices, mobile apps, and PCs from malware attacks.

4. Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a security firm with interests in defense, advanced technologies, aerospace, and cybersecurity. Being one of the best, it has attracted partnerships from various fields. Lockheed Martin is currently partners with healthcare organizations to combat cyber threats and data breaches from within and outside the organizations and to ensure the protection of medical devices.

5. Check Point Software

Check Point Software is yet another shield against threats in the cyber ecosystem. With a tireless commitment towards a world free of cybercrimes, checkpoint software has released numerous products that will protect users on the cloud, on networks and mobile devices. Security management services are also available for users courtesy of checkpoint software, to prevent any unforeseen data breaches and cyber-attacks.

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6. Microsoft

Microsoft is a household name for computer systems. The company's innovations help users to prevent or counter cyber-attacks, as the case may be. Some of its products include its cloud-based Azure, its Office 365 security compliance centers and its Windows Defender. Its Azure platform is made up of advanced features for threat detection, multi-factor authentication, and machine learning.

7. BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a British-owned company with interests in security, aerospace, and defense. BAE Systems is a versatile company that offers a wide range of security services. The multinational company aids in the detection and prevention of fraud, provides email security, AML regulatory compliance, and helps to equip the National defense against a threat.

The company has five key systems of operation, namely: the cyber and intelligence systems, applied intelligence, intelligence and security systems, the platforms and services, and the electronic systems.

8. CyberArk Software

CyberArk Software has made a name for itself in the Cybersecurity industry. The company is an expert in the detection and prevention of data breaches. Among its services include session isolation and monitoring, credential protection and management.

9. FireEye

FireEye is a Cybersecurity firm well known for its services in advanced threat protection. The company is listed among the high ranking cybersecurity solution providers and provides a number of security solutions which includes, endpoint security and threat intelligence, security solutions for both large and small businesses through the use of its advanced cybersecurity software.

10. Cisco

Cisco comes along with an army of security products and services to detect and terminate all forms of threats. As a cybersecurity company, Cisco has numerous products and solutions such as email and cloud security, firewalls, VPN clients, and multi-factor authentication. Based in San Jose, Cisco has grown to become a well-known cybersecurity company and a favorite of IT professionals.


Other notable mentions include Proofpoint, Mantech, Gigabit Systems, Clavax, Entersoft Security, Imperva, ImmuniWeb, Now Secure, Software Technologies, Palo Alto Networks, and Trend Micro Inc.

Cybercrime remains one of the top threats to lives and the general well-being of people on this planet. Every day, we get reports on cybercrimes and going by the predictions of experts, it appears that the rate of cybercrimes will only get worse if solutions are not provided.

The spread of malicious attacks and Internet fraud continues to increase day after day, leaving a ruin of lives and assets in its wake. Thankfully, the world has companies such as the ones listed above to fight for it, as the government can only do so much.