I've loved horror my entire life; there's just something exciting about being scared. For the last five or so years, I've been a fan of CreepyPastas but in particular, their narrations on YouTube. After listening to most videos on every horror channel, I think I've made up my mind on which ones are the best. If your favourite narrator is not on this list or not ranked high enough, please don't send death threats. These rankings are based on how much I enjoy each of these channels. Let's go.

10. Unit #522

If you like Mr. Nightmare, you might like Unit #522—since they sound similar and cover similar subject matter. If you like a mix of creepypastas, true stories and compilations, you've just found your new home. The stories are good but you might see some "overlap" on other channels, since many of his stories are from r/nosleep.

9. Mr. Nightmare

Mr. Nightmare was the first narration channel I ever got into. If you like compilations of short true stories, Mr. Nightmare is your go-to. Mr. Nightmare has collections of stories for every topic; from christmas to Walmart. I've found narrations from Mr. Nightmare suprisingly easy to listen to while studying for exams, since many of the stories are just personal stories and not creepypastas that require more of an immersion.

If you think his narrations need some animation, Llama Arts has you covered. Llama Art animates select videos made by Mr. Nightmare. Each video is very short and really easy to binge watch. The animation quality varies but has been good consistently.

8. Rob Dyke

Rob Dyke, or Rob Gavagan now, has some great horror related content such as case studies on serial killers and top 10s. Rob probably has some of the best production quality on this list. His content are accompanied by video rather than just audio with image stills. Also, if you're not into horror, Rob also has other content such as "Why would you put that on the internet?".

7. Chills

Burger King foot lettuce. The once popular meme of a Burger King employee stepping in a container of lettuce originated from Chills. Chills' vocal style is distinctly unnerving and makes the stories he reads just sound...off. Some people can't stand his voice, but personally, I enjoy the strangeness of his channel. Chills also has another YouTube channel named "Top15s", check it out if you like Top 10 videos. Though his aspiring "music career" has been taking up a lot of his time lately (which is actually really bad), I've thoroughly enjoyed his content—especially when I've been ill and needed to pass the time.

6. KingSpook

Ever imagine what it would sound if a creepy guy who sounded like Heath Ledger's Joker narrated creepypastas? KingSpook is what you've been thinking about. If you like having stories read to you by someone who sounds like a serial-killer as your cellmate, you'll love KingSpook. KingSpook mainly focuses on the more twisted creepypastas dealing with unnerving topics such as sick stalkers in "Dear Abby" or strange sex cults in "The Pleasure House".

5. Let's Read

A creepy narrator always makes horror narrations better. The narration style of Let's Read is dark and ambient. Let's Read has some of the best paranormal and demon stories along with allegedly true stories from Reddit. My favourite story he's narrated is "A Favor for a Favor"; where a man makes a deal with the devil to murder the man who stole his family.

4. CreepsMcPasta

If you're looking to get into creepypastas, CreepsMcPasta is easy to get yourself immersed in. CreepsMcPasta mostly narrates creepypasta and mosts videos constantly. There's usually a new narration everyday, so if you like him, you won't run out of videos. Tell yourself the stories are real and enjoy!

3. Be Busta

Be Busta is great at telling a story as if he was confiding in you. Be Busta mostly focusses on allegedly true or confirmed true stories found on some subreddits. Be genuinely enjoys what he does and supports his family with the money he makes off his narrations. Be is a very talented voice actor and gives his narrations a lot of emotion and convincing dynamics which add to the mood.

2. Dr. Creepen

The stories of Dr. Creepen's vault do not disappoint. You can't go wrong with a British narrator who likes to set a mood akin to those created by the horror gods of the past such as the late Vincent Price. The good doctor's vault has exclusive stories written for him to narrate on his subreddit. However, he also reads stories off of r/nosleep. The stories he reads are more targeted towards people who like the paranormal and unexplained phenomena. If you like being immersed longer stories that are allegedly true, you'll love Dr. Creepen.

1. Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband is my favourite narrator of all time. Though his uploads recently have not been frequent, the amount of great content on his channel is astounding. The emotions and dynamics that he gives his narrations are very convincing and make his stories so much better. Corpse also has a very dark and deep voice that contributes to the mood of the stories he reads.

Some of my favourite stories have been read by Corpse Husband such as "The Day I Hired a Hitman On Myself". It's unfortunate that this story was part of the deep web hype of 2015, because this story is amazing by itself.

There you have it, the Top 10 Horror Narrators on YouTube. If your favourite YouTube narrator isn't on this list, please leave some feedback. I wish you safe travels and happy hacking!