Social media has been a growing force for the past couple of years that boasts of over 3 billion users worldwide, with millions of users joining every year. Social media offers a lot of benefits like easy connectivity, information, updates, promotions, and help in bringing communities together in times of crisis.

There are social media platforms available for business and consumer base management, as well as advertisement resources. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are some of the top social platforms that hold and boast of a high number of audience.

Several extensions offer additional features on web browsers like Chrome. They come in handy for social media marketers looking to utilize strategies on these platforms for content promotion.

Here, we explore some of the most preferred and used Social Media extensions on Chrome browser.

Pinterest Save Button

The Pinterest Save Button extension is integrated with Pinterest and saves time by allowing consumers to 'pin' ideas to boards of any kind. The browser tool is also resourceful when surfing social media platforms when you need to save images that can be useful for a specific campaign, post, or strategy.

This extension can be installed from Pinterest and then added to the Chrome browser. It also works with other browsers of choice like Firefox, Safari, and others. The extension is also available for download on Chrome Web Store.

To save a page of interest, simply head to the top navigation bar on the Chrome browser, click on the Pinterest logo and add to a board. To pin an image, hover over the image, click the Pinterest icon that appears, and add to a Pinterest board of interest.

Instagram for Chrome

Instagram is amongst the top popular social media platforms, which allows users to share photos, stories as well as interact with other users.

This extension allows the Instagram API to be used directly on Chrome, with an easy-to-use interface that will enable users to access Instagram feeds without hassle. This extension makes it possible to access Instagram without a smartphone. The Instagram plugin is available for download on the Chrome Web Store.

LinkedIn Extension

The LinkedIn extension helps Chrome users with instant access to notifications and new activities that might be of interest to them. When installed, clicking on the icon on the top corner will take users to the LinkedIn website.

The extension is available for download on Chrome's web store.

Share to Facebook

This extension allows the users to share content in web pages they come across online to the Facebook platform. The application, when installed, provides users with an icon on the top corner of Chrome which can then be used to share webpages when surfing the net.

Additional features come with the window that pops up after clicking like Location sharing, Tagging, and changing the recipient list. The app, Save to Facebook, can be used to save articles and videos for future references. Content saved is available on the Facebook platform for offline viewing.


RiteTag can be used hand-in-hand with Twitter on Chrome and has a color-coding system which determines the use of hashtags. The RiteTag extension offer features like hashtag grading, which tells the users how popular a hashtag is, as well as scheduling of tweets and analysis of the user's hashtags.

The extension is available for download on Chrome's web store. After signing up for an account, you are ready to start tweeting using the real-time hashtag grading system of the RiteTag extension.

The extension also works well with other social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and several others.


Klout is an online tool used to track the social media influence of a user's account on Twitter by calculating a score based on the interactions and popularity level of the account. The extension also allows users to share content easily from any website.

The extension is available for download for use on Chrome and is a reliable and excellent tool for marketers to use.


BuzzSumo is a great and resourceful tool that allows users to check real-time social media interactions of any webpage they are accessing at any point in time. The extension also displays other additional vital information for the users to explore.

The extension is available for download and works well with multiple websites. An Evergreen Score is also available on the interface for users to know the number of social engagements an article has after publication.


This extension, when integrated with Chrome allows marketers to publish as well as schedule contents from any website to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The extension can be downloaded from Chrome's web store.

After installation, an icon will be made available on the top corner of the app where the extension's capabilities can be accessed on an easy-to-use interface. The extension can also be used to publish parts of the content of an article in a tweet or post.


Pablo is used for posting images on social media platforms in dimensions that are best for them. This extension comes with a clean and simple interface, resources, and tools that make the entire process easy and stress-free.

Pablo also offers marketers ways which they can use to catch their audience's attention. Pablo is available for download on Chrome's web store and offers a handy tool when working on something important.

VidIQ Vision for YouTube

This extension is a YouTube add-on which can be used to provide the analytics of a video. This information can be used to optimize a video for more subscribers, with several packages that offer different features.

An icon will be available for access at the top corner of Chrome. When clicked, it will provide a detailed analysis of any YouTube video as well as keywords of videos that offer less competition.

The extension can be downloaded from here.


These extensions offer social media marketers a great deal of convenience when working on a campaign and help them to streamline their tasks. The content quality and productivity levels of the marketers would also significantly increase with the use of these resourceful tools.