In a world where knowlede is power, blockchain technologies are a being used by those who "Big Brother" out of their lives. Privacy, today, is a priviledge.

However, the responsibility to maintain the anonymity and privacy we want depends on ourselves. Experts such as Andreas Antonopoulos consider that a large percentage of cryptocurrency users do not care about their privacy, and if they do, lack of education prevents them from making the best decisions.

To guarantee the anonymity of a transaction, the first thing anyone should do is downloading a wallet that supports good privacy practices. If you are one of those who appreciate privacy, here are 3 of the best wallets for you:

Best Private Bitcoin Wallet for Desktop: Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is one of the most popular wallets in the community and one of the most recommended among those who pursue the most anonymity when making transactions.

Unlike traditional wallets that show the total balance a person has, Wasabi shows the total bitcoins in each of the BTC addresses generated by the wallet.

In this way, a user can prevent several addresses from being associated with their identity when making transactions together.

Besides, Wasabi supports Tor connections for greater security and a Coinjoin system that completely anonymizes the coins inside a wallet by mixing them in a pool with several users and throwing the same balance for everyone in one address and the spare change in another.

Best Private Bitcoin Wallet for Mobile: Samourai Wallet

Samourai is the equivalent of Wasabi but in a mobile version. The development team behind this wallet is known for implementing the latest technologies in the area of anonymity.

It is one of the few wallets to implement PayNims so that its users can permanently provide an ID to the public and receive payments, tips, or donations without anyone being able to see the transactions they receive.

It also allows connection to Tor, sending transactions through private nodes, a coin mixer.

It is so private that it even changes the position of the keypad to prevent some keyloggers.

Honestly, it was the favorite wallet of this writer... Until they removed the balances in fiat.

Special Mention: Shango Lightning Network Wallet

This wallet is a special mention as it provides a different approach to guarantee anonymity.

The Lightning Network is a second-layer solution that allows instant payments with almost no fees through by setting payment channels on top of the blockchain.

That is, you send money to an address, which settles the transaction "locking" those Bitcoins. Then an equal balance is created on the lightning network. Subsequently, all the operations in the world can be made between LN wallets, without any of them being settled on the blockchain, until someone closes the channel, moving the LN wallet tokens to a regular BTC wallet.

At that moment, the transaction recorded would be the transfer of tokens between the person who opened the channel and the person who closed it.

Shangó Wallet is a wallet with a beautiful graphical interface that allows you to use your own LN Node to make transactions quickly, easily, and securely.

If you want to know more about Lightning Network Wallets, check out this link! also, you may want to be interested in reading about the best crypto wallets anyone should try. If you want more security and are interested in a hardware wallet, then, this article will help you decide which one to buy.

Happy hodling!

Feature image courtesy of the Bitcoin Wiki