Remote work is one of the fastest-growing work trends in modern society. Over the last two decades, and thanks to the boom of the internet, the number of virtual companies, portals, and web services has increased exponentially.

Also, it is essential to note that one of the characteristics of the millennial generation (which encompasses much of the total working population in the world) is its affinity towards freelancing. It doesn't matter if you work from 9 to 5; what is really important is what you bring to the organization.

This trend has been reinforced by the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. This innovation opened the doors to many proffesionals who were previously excluded from the market because of geographic, legal, or practical reasons.

Many platforms will help you get a job as a freelancer, but if you want to be a 100% crypto professional, THESE are the websites you should visit:

Freelancing Platform #1: Reddit: r/Jobs4Bitcoins

Okay. It may seem odd that the first option we present to you is a subreddit, but don't let this cloud your judgment.

Reddit is known as the front page of the internet and is one of the most important websites in the world. A subreddit devoted to job offers that are paid in Bitcoin implies a potential market of millions of people.

Jobs4Bitcoins is a very active place where you can not only offer your services but also see who requires professionals. The agreements are entirely between the parties

Jobs4Bitcoin is a reference for those who want to earn a few satoshis in exchange for their professional services.

Freelancing Platform #2: Crypto.Jobs

This is a platform dedicated exclusively to professional work that is paid for with crypto coins. It has become so popular that right now it is one of the most famous platforms in the working community of crypto space

Professionals cannot promote themselves, but they can see all the job offers published by potential employers.

You can be freelance or a hired formal employee, depending on the characteristics of the ads.

Freelancing Platform #3: Cryptocurrency Jobs.

This portal is a little more elaborate than the previous one and much more enjoyable to use.

It is similar to the previous one, although its offers tend towards the specialized technical field.

It is ideal for those who have experience in programming, web development, graphic design, and marketing.

Many startups and reputable companies post their offers here. It is not difficult to see ads from Kraken, Coinbase, ConsenSYS, and other important blockchains.