5. Miki Santamaria

One of the funkiest bass solos I've seen on YouTube. This guy is going places...subscribe to his channel and hopefully he produces a lot more of them.

4. Talking Bass

I've been watching Talking Bass for about a year now. Mark has some of the best video training for free on YouTube that I've seen.

Mark J. Smith

TalkingBass Video brings you free online video bass lessons from Mark J Smith. All levels are covered from beginner to advanced.

3. Remco's Groove Lab

I just came across Remco's Groove Lab while looking for some examples of funky bass playing. It's no surprise that one of his videos has over 1 Million views on YouTube.

Fretless bass grooves

With over 100k followers on YouTube I don't think you can go wrong following Remco. He is a master at funk bass and if you want to learn by watching a master, he is definitely a good one to watch.

2. Marcelo Feldman - The Bass Wizard

I recently came across Marcelo's The Bass Wizard video channel when looking for paid instructional videos online for playing the bass. He has a ton of free videos that will get you some basic understanding and if you want further deeper learning he has a paid course for learning to play the bass over at The Bass Wizard.

Wicked bass solo

One of the things I liked about The Bass Wizard is he can teach you the music theory behind being a great bass player without overcomplicating it.

He has claimed to distill the most important fundamentals of music theory and bass playing down to something easily understandable for someone who is not a music genius. He takes the fear out of learning to master the bass.

1. Luke from Become A Bassist

Luke has an instructional course for learning to play the bass at BecomeABassist.com. His YouTube channel has over 78k followers which tells you all you need to know about his simple weekly instructional bass videos.

Bonus 1.: Scott's Bass Lessons

Scott has a web site at Scott's Bass Lessons that is a full integrated dashboard with courses and plenty of other content including weekly live bass jams and interviews with famous bass players.

His YouTube channel has 700k followers due to the sheer amount of quality content and instructional videos he produces for free. The cost of his paid bass lessons is $168/year which is the cost of two private lessons these days. For that much you're paying a little more than $14/month for unlimited access to take your bass playing to the next level.

Bonus 2: Davie504

I had never heard of this guy but a friend of mine recommend him after seeing my blog post about the top 5 bass players on youtube, so I had to add him as an extra bonus.