The use of an email service has become a fundamental part of our lives. Some use it to work, others to feel like they have some sort of identity on the web, while others want to sign up for specific websites, services or have some emergency storage.

However, we are not always comfortable with what we hear about our mail providers. Google is the most important one for Westerners, but its suspicious way of handling our data or the fact that it is a giant corporation cause discomfort among many users. Wheter you like Google or not, here are 5 Gmail alternatives worth a try

Gmail Alternative #1: Proton Mail (For Those Who Want a Secure Work Mail)

ProtonMail is a Switzerland-based email provider that appeared on the web in 2014 after the scandal caused by Edward Snowden's revelations.

Its interface focuses on two fundamental aspects: Security and Professionalism.

Unlike other providers such as Gmail and Yahoo, ProtonMail does not profit from handling user data, and in fact, protects it. The platform uses end-to-end encryption that makes it impossible for anyone but the parties involved in an email, to be able to access it (making it perfect for handling confidential information).

It also offers a VPN service for greater security and a mail domain which makes the email address look more practical, cleaner and more professional.

Gmail Alternative #2: Yandex Mail (For Those Who Don't Want to be Controlled by The US)

Yandex is a Russian web service provider well known in the world for being a kind of Google alternative. Its graphical interface is comfortable and straightforward to use (although it may seem a little bit outdated). Upon creating an account, Yandex offers a drive service, mail, a calendar, contacts, and a whole suite capable to replace Google at anytime.

Another advantage, of course, is that by not having to comply with American regulations, users can enjoy of certain peace of mind about how their data is handled (that is, of course, assuming they don't have any problems with the fact that it's a provider based in Russia).

Gmail Alternative #3: Yahoo Mail (For Those Storage Freaks)

Before Gmail and the Google boom, Yahoo was the king of the internet. However, even though it doesn't have as much presence today, Yahoo is one of the best-known Internet brands out there.

Yahoo Mail offers a whopping 1TB capacity, enough to save a lifetime of emails! (look at the bottom left corner of our image)

However, everything comes with a price and in this case, is an annoying banner with ads that users can hide with a simple click.

Yahoo does not have a Virtual drive service like Google, but it has integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other solutions.

Gmail Alternative #4: Guerrilla Mail (For Those Who Need a Temporary/Disposable Email)

This is an excellent solution for those who want to use a temporary mail. Just enter and you will have an instant address to share with your friends or use as you please, no questions asked. Close the tab and your address is gone forever.

Why would you want a temporary address? To do business without leaving a trace or to enter a website that asks you for an email and you do not want to give yours to avoid falling into a tiresome list of subscriptions.

Gmail Alternative #5: (For Those Who Love a Personalized Experience) was created for those who want to stand out from the rest either professionally or personally.

If you want to project a unique image, nothing is better than having an email address adapted to your needs. Millions have an email address that ends in But how many have an email address that ends in

This versatility is great for people who want to share a mail address that emphasizes their work or expertise (an example or their hobby ( however you have dozens of alternatives to choose!


A secondary email is nice to have and any of these services will be great for you. Either it is for privacy reasons of just for curiosity, you may live a better live with a mail that separates your private life from your web / work life.

Less ads, less distractions, less data to share... Having different mail addresses is a good practice and we recommend trying other companies instead of Google