Every day more and more women build a good reputation in the world of technology, earning the respect of their male colleagues. Although many still see this field as a male domain, modern Society is increasingly breaking down this myth.

Youtube is a platform that has made it possible for a new form of content to surface. Now it is the users who decide what programs to watch, and women are also taking over this platform.

Below we present five female tech YouTubers you should follow:

Female Tech YouTuber #1: iJustine

When it comes to female tech YouTubers, iJustine is perhaps the most prominent exponent of this movement. With almost a decade of experience, her videos have made her incredibly popular.

Although she started out focusing on the Apple ecosystem, now her channel is much more diverse, and this beautiful girl has become so famous that she has even been invited to participate in episodes of TV series such as The Vampire Diaries, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Criminal Minds.

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Female Tech YouTuber #2: Sexy Cyborg

Naomi Wu, a beautiful and super smart girl from Shenzhen, China; is the woman in front of this channel.

Her content focuses mostly on the maker scene, although lately, she is doing reviews of 3d printers, tech, and gadgets from Asia, laser cutting and engraving, and a variety of vlogs and exciting videos.

But be aware, Naomi is not the typical cute Chinese girl we all see in movies... Well, she is cute, she is smart, but she is also hot as hell!

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Female Tech YouTuber #3: Ruseberry

This girl focuses on creating content for web developers. She used to upload several videos per week, but in the last few months the pace has slowed down.

She does everything from short vlogs to 45-minute videos thoroughly explaining various techniques of programming, app creation, and freelancing ideas.

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Female Tech YouTuber #4: Coding Blonde

This channel is about a blonde who codes

I am just kidding! Masha is a brilliant girl who decided to create a channel to share her passion with the whole world. Her content is a bit more technical than a noob user would expect, but she explains these complex ideas clearly and funnily.

Sincerely, Masha has a talent for explaining complicated things that would leave even the best teacher in the world with his mouth open, and that's why he deserves to grow. She' s a real gem hidden in the vast world of tech!

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Female Tech YouTuber #5: Estefannie Explains It All

This isn't your typical tech channel. Beyond describing what a product does, this girl explains how things work. Her channel is also full of tutorials for you to learn how to make your own gadgets and programs.

You can watch her doing everything from a game of Jenga against a robot to videos to an explanation of how to protect a cookie with a laser system.

Yep. She covers it all.

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