IPTV is the future of television, gone are those days when we used to broadcast signals through an antenna, satellite dish or through a fiber-optic to receive TV programs, now the streaming technology is here to make things a lot easier.

IPTV is the future of television, gone are those days when we used to broadcast signals through an antenna, satellite dish or through a fiber-optic to receive TV programs, now the streaming technology is here to make things a lot easier. Streaming is a service that allows media content to be downloaded and played almost immediately at the same time through an internet connection.

A connection with a higher bandwidth of more than at least 50 Mbps is required to achieve a smooth connection with the program delivering the content.  A Broadline line can be used to access such bandwidths; streaming can be done on either a computer or a set-top box.

The set-top box is an adapter that fits between an internet connection and a television receiver, which will be used to decode incoming signals so the television can be used to access internet programs.

The set-up might seem a little complex to a newbie broadcaster seeing as you also need a sophisticated storage system and a web-style interface that allows people to choose the programs they want to view. A piece of high-quality television equipment is highly recommended.

The delivery of IPTV sounds more accessible than it may prove in practice because not many people have broadband connections with enough capacity to process even just one high-quality TV stream not to even talk of many streams at the same time (multiple screens. As time goes on, more people will acquire the kind of connection that’s necessary to achieve such connections, which capture the experience with ease and convenience.

There are several online platforms that deliver IPTV to consumers. These platforms are available on gaming devices and other software platforms. Here are some of the top and best IPTV service providers;

1. Subscription IPTV

The Subscription IPTV server supports old and new devices and works well on OS platforms as well. This IPTV playlist is available for sale from the provider at minimal costs for the consumer, and they regularly enable promotions on a 1-year plan.

This subscription has over 9000 channels, some of which are in HD and SD formats, including a large collection of adult channels which can be disabled at any time on your subscription. There are no charges for reviews made to subscriptions.

They offer the best subscription as well as support in the market right now, mostly due to the fact that they operate a bit different from the other providers in terms of support, prices, and high-quality services.

Their subscription packages can go as low as 8 Euros for a month starter pack, and the platform supports as a payment platform. They have a professional 24/7 Customer Support Team.

2. FitIPTV

The FitIPTV comes with a whole lot of features; it has over 7000 channels, supports IPTV Reselling, IPTV Restreaming, and offers over 2000 Video-On-Demand (VOD) and series. They have instant activation with a trial period available for anyone to try out, 24hrs customer service support on standby, and always available to attend to the customer's affairs.

There’s a wide range of platforms that support the FlitIPTV subscription, and their services are available to everybody all over the world. The service provider offers high-quality streams at a reasonable price of $14 a month for a basic package.

There are other packages for a more extended period of time, with a cap of $80 for a year.

3. Comstar.tv

Being one of the most famous IPTV service providers in the market, they offer a wide collection of channels, which are over 7000 and have 9000+ movies and TV shows on demand for the customer’s utmost satisfaction.

You can access the support staff 24/7 and keep up-to-date with all your favorite shows at any time you want. They have a 48-hr free trial period to test out the provider's services. Comstar.tv can be set up on many devices, including iOS, Smart TV, Windows, and many more.

A subscription package of $79.99 for a year is the best available buy for consumers as it saves them more in the long run over monthly subscriptions.

4. BestBuyIPTV

The BestBuyIPTV is an IPTV service provider with over 7300 Live TV Channels and 9600 Video-on-Demand in high-quality format from counties all over the world. There are three kinds of subscription packages, personal IPTV, restream IPTV, and reseller IPTV. Each of them comes with its own prices and features.

The subscription is limited to one per subscription, and you get 48 hours of free trial for the streaming of content.

5. Torula IPTV

Torula IPTV is a private streaming TV service with high-quality sporting events; there is a lot of private content available on the service platform. It costs $60 for three months and $200 for a whole year.

The platform only accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option and does not offer free trials but offer refunds in the case of dissatisfaction.


There are so many IPTV providers available nowadays, each of which comes with its own unique features. Just with just a bit of luck, IPTV should take off and become much more widespread very soon.

This is because of the better control and convenience they offer their customers when using the service. With the proper hardware and the best connection with great bandwidth, you’re sure to enjoy the full experience of streaming.