Going completely wireless can be very liberating. With liberation from pointless sales jargon in mind, this article will outline the best brands of wireless earbuds that you should consider. After all, the market is currently booming with millions of wireless earbud models on offer.

Apart from enjoying unrestricted movement, wireless earbuds also have the advantage of incorporating technology such as noise-canceling technology and heart rate monitors. Some wireless earbuds even have carry cases that also act as portable chargers for your phone.

So with this saturation of variety, how do you know which wireless earbuds suit your needs? Here is a buying guide as well as a review for some of the best Wireless Earbuds in the market in 2019.

Buying Guide For Best Wireless Earbuds

This is what you should consider when buying your wireless earbuds.

1.      Battery Life

The best battery life of any earbud in the market is currently six hours. However, remember that this is also dependent on how you use your earbud. For instance, a higher volume reduces the battery lifespan. Thus, check the options on battery life that you have in the market.

2.      On-Ear Controls

Pausing music accidentally is easy when using these devices. You can even summon the voice assistant or skip a track easily. Thus, select an earbud that has a creative and user-friendly control panel. Make sure you also check the Bluetooth pairing on your new device.

3.      Exercise Friendly Designs

Even though many earpieces in the market are exercise-friendly, there is still a number that is not fit for exercise. Therefore, ensure that you have the right earpiece for your needs.

4.      Cost

Some wireless earbuds cost as low as 20 dollars while others cost as high as 250 dollars. Therefore, if you are on a budget, make sure to get the gadget that best suits your price without sacrificing on quality.

The Best Wireless Earbuds

1.      Beats By Dre Powerbeats Pro For Fitness

Beats by Dre are perfect for running because they incorporate both sweat and water resistance. Other features that make it perfect for fitness include the integration of the signature Apple-y and the low profile design. Therefore, these buds can be used by iPhone users.

Thus, if you go to the gym often and you want a pair of wireless earbuds that will not be affected by sweat, this is the option for you. Moreover, these buds are not only fit for working out. You can also use them at work. Thus, they are worth their price.


·         Long battery life

·         Setup is seamless

·         Sound is well balanced

·         Comfortable design that is fit for running


·         The charging case is large

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2.      Samsung Galaxy Buds For Wireless Charging

The new Samsung galaxy buds have pushed the envelope. Apart from providing wireless charging capabilities, the earbuds also have near-instant pairing. The only other thing that you will require is a Samsung S10 smartphone.

This lightweight buds will also give you great sound. Besides, you do not have to worry about sweat since the buds have a sweat-proof casing. Another advantage of buying this device is its battery life, it lasts up to 6 hours.

The updated version of the Samsung galaxy buds also has added features that include the ability to use your voice to tweak equalizer settings and accessing the Bixby hands-free. Also, a new gesture will allow you to enable ambient sound mode through holding the touchpad on the bud down.


·         Design is comfortable and sleek

·         Strong audio performance

·         Great battery life

·         Intuitive companion app


·         The call quality is muffled

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3.      Apple Airpods 2 For Apple Users

If you are an avid Apple devices user then this would be the perfect fit for your earbud needs. The 2nd Generation Airpods have a connection speed that is close to instantaneous and getting faster because of the new W1 chip.

Also, you will be able to launch Siri with this device because of the availability of voice activation features. Besides, even though this new version has not improved its audio quality the call quality has been made significantly better.

Moreover, you will enjoy a battery life of 5 hours with the option of a wireless charging case.


·         Faster connection on iOS devices

·         Lightweight and comfortable design

·         Good audio quality

·         Hands-free Siri integration


·         No equalizer

·         Limited controls

·         Lacks ambient listening mode

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4.      Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds For Active Noise Cancelling

The Sony wireless earbud has an elegant design and a battery life that lasts up to 6 hours. This makes this pair formidable since they also combine impressive noise cancellation with great audio quality.

Additionally, the gadgets have a deep and rich bass that is complemented by the balance of tone which gives the buds an edge in this competitive market. You also have the option to play using the built-in EQ.

Thus, you can select one of the nine different presets or you can create yours. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the levels of the surrounding sounds.


·         Excellent audio performance

·         Numerous personalization options through the app

·         Great noise cancellation

·         Long battery life

·         Nice looking design


·         Touch controls can be improved

·         Loose-fitting tips

·         Poor call quality

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5.      Plantronics BackBeat True Earbuds For Fitness

If you are a fitness buff that wants a truly wireless earbud for your sports activities, the Plantronics BackBeat earbuds will fit your needs perfectly. The Fit 3100 will fuel your workouts. This is because this gadget has a bass that gives your music extra oomph. Besides, you will not experience any lows of highs while using this earbud.

Apart from the device itself, you also have the luxury of personalizing your control experience using the Backbeat App. You can also enable Spotify and Google Assistant to increase your convenience. With one tap you can even start a timer.

The Plantronics True earbud has a battery life that remains steady at 5 hours. In case your workouts last longer than the 5 hours, the accompanying charging case will increase the lifespan of your earbuds to 15 hours.


·         The design is damage proof

·         Strong battery life

·         Bass-forward Signature

·         Can tweak sound through the mobile app


·         Heavy charging case

·         Fussy bud to bud connection

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