Football has been on a rapid rise since the sport came to the limelight many decades ago. It is now the most famous sport on the continent, pulling supporters from all the four corners of the globe and keeping their attention hooked.

Fans storm out in huge numbers to watch their respective nations and favourite clubs when they take to the pitch and lock horns with opposing sides. The FIFA World Cup tournament that was held in Russia in 2018 was one of the biggest events of the decade. The entertainment and diplomacy that came from that competition sum up just how far the sport has gone.

Apart from the competitive aspect of the game, the business aspect is another area many people are keeping their eyes on. As the sport keeps moving on the upward trajectory, more investors and influencers are coming in, acquiring teams and pulling off lucrative pieces of business.

Football clubs are now making a lot of money from partnership deals with several companies all over the world. They also acquire revenue from winning major trophies such as the UEFA Champions League, the English Premier League, the FA Cup, the Copa Del Rey and so on. Money received from gate fees and transfer deals also adds to clubs’ wealth.

We saw many of these clubs making tremendous figures and ranking high on the money ladder within the past few years. Most of them crossed the half-billion-dollar mark and some even moved hundreds of millions ahead. That hasn’t seen its end. The trend continues in 2020 as these outfits keep on adding more figures to their money sack.

The Deloitte Football Money League - which ranks the richest football clubs in the world - annually released by Deloitte - has been updated for the year 2020. As per the list, below are the five richest football clubs on the planet right now:

#5. Paris Saint Germain

The French club, Paris Saint Germain sent a huge message across to rival outfits in Europe when they acquired Brazilian superstar, Neymar Junior in the most expensive transfer deal ever recorded in the sport. The Parisians signed the attacker for a massive €222 million and made him one of the best-paid superstars on the planet. Well, that is just the tip of an iceberg.

PSG has since taken a huge lift in the money league, outpacing several elite clubs to become the fifth richest football outfit on the planet. The club won the Ligue 1 title last season under the guidance of manager, Thomas Tuchel. That was their fifth league triumph in six years.

The Parisians made up to €115.9 million from matchday revenue as well as €156.6 million from broadcasting and €363.4 million from commercial revenue. Their total worth stands at €635.9 million and they are by far, the richest club in France right now.

#4. Bayern Munich

It was a difficult outing for the German club, Bayern Munich last season but the Bavarians still managed to finish the term on a high note as they pipped local rivals, Borussia Dortmund to the Bundesliga title at the death.

Bayern has been one of the richest football outfits on the continent for the past few years and it has featured among the top moneymakers once again this year. It recorded a decent five per cent rise in revenue this time after winning the German league title for the seventh consecutive year.

The Bavarians pocketed €92.4 million from matchday revenue with broadcasting and commercial revenues rising to €211 million and €356.5 million respectively. Bayern currently ranks fourth on the list of the richest football clubs in the world in 2020, with a total worth of €660 million.

#3. Manchester United

Third on the list comes the biggest club in England, Manchester United. The Red Devils have been a constant at the top zone of the money ladder for several years and they’ve kept it going steady for another edition.

A return to the UEFA Champions League last season helped to raise the club’s income and that was enough to cover up for their failure to win a trophy during the campaign. In fact, their status as England’s richest club is still unshaken.

United made €120.6 million from match days, with €273.7 million coming from broadcasting revenue and €317.2 million coming from commercial revenue. Combined, the Red Devils have a total revenue of €711.5 million.

#2. Real Madrid

It appears the loss of Portuguese sharpshooter, Cristiano Ronaldo affected Real Madrid’s income last season. The Spanish giants were ranked at the top of the money ladder during the 2019 edition of the Deloitte Football Money League but they slipped to the second position this year.

Their poor outing during the campaign could also be responsible in parts as they failed to claim any trophy and couldn’t go far in the Champions League. In fact, they could only secure a third-place finish on the La Liga table.

Los Blancos raised €144.8 million from matchdays, €257.9 million from broadcasting and €354.6 million as commercial revenue. They have the second-highest revenue worth €757.3 million. That has come as a huge blow to the Spanish giants as they lost their place at the top of the ladder to bitter domestic rivals, FC Barcelona.

#1. Barcelona

Despite their painful elimination at the hands of Liverpool in the Champions League semifinals last season, Barcelona fans finally have something to brag about. The Blaugrana are officially the richest football club on the planet right now.

Barca failed to claim both the European crown and the Copa Del Rey trophy during the campaign but their capture of the La Liga title and exploits from other areas did them some good in the money race. They finally outpaced their local rivals, Real Madrid and Manchester United to hit the top spot.

The Catalans pocketed up to €159.2 million matchday revenue, €298.1 million from broadcasting and €383.5 million from commercial revenue. Their combined revenue of €840 .8 million exceeds the income of every club on the continent at the moment.