The humble days of the telephone are long gone. With the emergence of the digital hub, phones have become vital in everyday life. Your phone is currently one of your most valuable possessions. As a result, the process of purchasing a smartphone is very intimate. Nevertheless, buying a phone can prove to be challenging. This guide and review will help you select your perfect luxury smartphone.

Buying Guide for Luxury Smartphones

When buying your luxury phone, avoid buying from brands that are not familiar. While you might find a good phone from a brand you had no idea existed, there is also a possibility of buying a phone that will not work with your carrier.

Considers the features that are best suited to your daily needs. Since you will be cashing in on your luxury phone, select one that has an internal storage of at least 64 GB. Ideally, it should also have a MicroSD slot that provides the capacity for external phone storage.

Your new phone should also have at least a 4 GB RAM capacity. Additionally, it is not worth spending $500 or more on a phone if it has no IP67 waterproofing. Besides, make sure that the phone comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Do not forget to select a smartphone that is unlocked. In case you find a better provider deal or move to a location where your carrier’s coverage is poor, you will have no issues with switching your wireless provider.

Review of Top 5 Smartphones over $500

1.      Samsung Galaxy S10

If you are all about performance and screen, this is the phone for you. With the Samsung Galaxy S10, you will get to enjoy an elegant design with a versatile camera and cutting edge hardware. The first noticeable thing about this phone is its dynamic AMOLED screen. The 6.1 inches screen has a wide resolution, HDR10+ certification, and reduced blue light.

The screen has also been paired with stereo speakers making it easy to watch your movies on your phone. The security of the phone is equally high since the smartphone has the best fingerprint sensor in the industry. You will not have to worry about storage space with this device because it has a RAM of 8GB and an internal memory of 128GB with room for a MicroSD card.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has many options for customization. It is also easy to use. The only problem with this phone is the time it takes to update its software.


·         Best fingerprint sensor

·         Most versatile camera

·         Easily customized


·         Slow to update software

2.      OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the flagship of all OnePlus products. This is not the only reason that makes this phone phenomenal. The AMOLED screen on this phone is 6.67 inches with a pixel resolution that is very impressive at 3140 x 1440. The screen also supports HDR10+ certification. The screen lacks any notch because it features a selfie camera that pops up.

The processor used in the phone offers significant power making the phone's performance the fastest in the industry. You also get a variety of customization and storage options with this phone. The RAM ranges from 6GB to 12GB and the internal memory ranges from 128GB and 256 GB.


·         Flagship

·         Pop-up selfie camera

·         Fastest performance

·         Customizable


·         Not the best camera

3.      Apple iPhone XS

This smartphone is almost perfect. To start, this awesome phone's screen is the perfect size at 5.8 inches. It also possesses an OLED high resolution that saves energy. The screen has inky and deep blacks that make the phone colorful. The design of the phone is an edge to edge. This makes your movie watching experience more immersive.

The entire design of the phone is made of glass. You can, therefore, charge your iPhone XS wirelessly. This is also the most water-resistant Apple phone with a rating of IP68. The processor of the phone offers fast performance for all phone-related activities as well.

In terms of security, this phone has the best facial recognition tool for your sensitive apps. For picture taking lovers, the camera on this phone has a Face ID and it has features for making memojis and animojis. You even have a portrait mode that is unmatched to improve your selfie game.

However, the battery life on this phone is low especially if you are always on your phone. Nevertheless, with this phone, you are sure to enjoy the ultimate iOS experience.


·         Energy-saving screen

·         Can charge wirelessly

·         Water-resistant

·         Fast performance


·         Low battery life for heavy phone users

4.      Huawei P30 Pro

The best feature of the Huawei P30 Pro is its lasting battery life. It carries a 4200mAh battery that will last you for two days. The software used on the phone also optimizes the management of power on the device. Another advantage of buying this phone is the access you will have to quick charge. The phone can fully charge within seventy minutes from empty.

In case you are wondering, nothing on this phone has been compromised to support the battery life it holds. The processor on the phone is the latest, Hisilicon Kirin 980 processor, it holds a Ram of 6GB and internal storage of 128GB, and its performance is smooth and fast. The phone has another version that holds a Ram of 8GB and internal storage of 256GB.


·         Prolonged battery life

·         Quick charge

·         Fast performance


·         Has a large size

5.      Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 suits you best if you cannot complete a day without taking a picture. This phone is reliable at capturing remarkable photos. This is because while the phone has a 12.2-megapixel camera, Google uses its image processing to perfect the photo. Thus, photos from this phone have no shutter lag.

Google HDR+ technology works by capturing many photos at a time. It then selects the best from the list. The rest of the images are layered so that they can produce a photo that has the lowest amount of noise. This process also removes the underexposed or the overexposed parts of a photo making the overall result dynamic in range.


·         Best smartphone camera


·         Processing the photos takes a minute or two