It makes sense to join the many fitness-oriented people in the world that incorporate smartwatches into their daily workouts. But with the long range of smartwatches that are provided today by different brands from different countries, how do you determine the smartwatch device that best suits your needs?  Whether you are an Android lover or a diehard Apple consumer, here is a guide and a review of 5 of the smartwatches that you should consider for your smart workout.

Buying Guide for Fitness Smartwatches

There is a fitness smartwatch that is perfect for your fitness needs. Thus, one of the first things that you should consider when buying your fitness smartwatch is the type of physical activity that you engage in every day. For instance, if you are into high-intensity workouts a smartwatch that provides essential readings will be more beneficial for you. Also, select a watch that has a GPS to help you track your runs and a heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate.

The second thing to consider when buying your watch is the compatibility it has with your phone. There are fitness watches that can be used on their own. Otherwise, most of them are created as companions to your phone. An Apple watch, for instance, will only work with an iPhone.  Do not buy your watch before you confirm that it works with your smartphone.

Then consider the design of your smartwatch. Check that the watch has a buckle or a band clasp that makes your life easy. Ensure that you can swap the watch band so that it can be easy to replace. Another important design to consider is the watch interface. Select between a touch screen or a watch with buttons. Also, pay attention to the battery life of the watch before shopping.

Top 5 Smartwatches for Your Smart Workout

1.      Apple Watch Series 4: For Your Overall Fitness Needs

The Apple Series 4 Watch is the King of all smartwatches. Its latest model features WatchOS 5. Thus, it has more functions for your fitness needs than any other previous version of the Apple smartwatch. The system is comprehensively built. As a result, it provides basic details such as counting your calories, counting your steps, and monitoring your heart rate. It even has an inbuilt electrocardiogram that measures the electrical activity of your heartbeat so that it can detect any heart diseases.

This Apple watch has further included a competition mode that allows you to compete in fitness modes such as hiking and yoga with your friends. It is also waterproof down to fifty meters. The barometric altimeter will record any changed in elevation when you are hiking. The smartwatch also offers notifications and with 18-hour battery life, you can use it for about two days before you have to recharge. An added advantage to the watch is its attractive square face that has a curved glass with a beautiful screen.


·         Can detect heart diseases

·         Uses WatchOS 5

·         18-hour battery life


·         Only works with an iPhone

2.      Garmin Forerunner 654 Music: For the Music Loving Fitness Enthusiast

If you cannot work out without your music, this smartwatch will serve you well since it can store up to 500 songs. It can also sync with some select streaming services such as Spotify. This smartwatch has sensors that make it possible to get an accurate heart rate reading even when the band is fixed less tightly. These sensors include a heart rate monitor, thermometer, gyroscope, barometer altimeter, accelerometer, and a real-time compass.

This device is especially beneficial to runners because it features cadence, ground contact time, stride length, and balance readings. The Garmin Connect app acts as a data storage software that you can utilize for your fitness. Like the Apple smartwatch, this device also provides a challenge tab that will allow you to compete with your friends. The GPS in the device also makes it possible for you to leave your phone at home and still play your music. Besides, the smartwatch has a 1.2-inch diameter that looks good on any wrist.


·         Colorful display

·         Detailed Performance

·         Has smart notifications


·         No touchscreen

3.      Coros Pace: For bikers, runners, and swimmers

Many features make this cheap device perfect for you. For starters, all information is displayed on the circular watch face without overload. The battery life the Coros Pace is also impressive. You will need to charge your watch at least once every week of you are a regular trainer.

The Coros smartwatch will allow you to collect information about your heart rate zones, pace, fitness level, cadence, and the overall effect of your exercise. You can choose to track each activity individually or as a group. This device will also track your sleep. You can use this feature to increase your exercises without injuring yourself.  However, if you are not a swimmer, a runner, or a biker, this device is not for you since it only works for triathlon training.


·         Detailed performance

·         Very affordable


·         Only supports triathlon training

·         No navigation

4.      Fitbit Versa: For the Stylish Fitness Enthusiast

The performance of the Fitbit Versa is as good as its look. This is also the reigning fitness smartwatch in the industry. It’s a new lightweight, smaller band, and comfortable design is especially good for stylish women. The watch is also versatile. With its features, you can use it on the treadmill, to swim, run, bike, lift weights, do interval training, or to engage in a full-body workout.

If these exercises are not in your preference, you can use the Fitbit application of the smart select other sports. The watch can also help you track your calories and heart rate.  The Fitbit coach will provide you with a personal trainer to help you through your exercises. Outside the gym, the device can guide you on breathing sessions and track your sleep.


·         Lightweight and Compact

·         Very Affordable

·         Can be customized


·         Lacks a GPS

·         Hard to change bands

·         Lower battery life

5.      Garmin Fenix 5X Plus: For the person that loves to workout outdoors

The Garmin Fenix has the most detailed and the most accurate GPS mapping in the industry. That is why it is the perfect device to use for your outdoor workouts. The GPS mapping will allow you to view trails, roads, mountains, and roads.

Besides, you can also search for restaurants, gas stations, and stores when using this device.  It also has a large size and a screen resolution that makes it easy to see and read. This smartwatch is good for running, swimming, skiing, golf, cycling, snowboarding, and rowing. The Garmin smartwatch also has at least two weeks of battery life.


·         The most advanced GPS Mapping system

·         Supports a variety of sports

·         Long battery life


·         Large face size