Getting a tablet for your child does not mean that they will spend hours playing games and watching videos. On the contrary, it enhances their education since the gadget houses all sorts of graphics that can assist a child to learn better. But this also depends on the tablet. This guide and review will assist you in picking a tablet that will serve the learning and entertainment needs of your child.

Buying Guide for Best Tablets for Kids

Just because kids don’t do much on tablets other than reading and playing games, it does not mean that you should get them a shitty tablet. When it comes to hardware, screen size and resolution are the obvious features to keep in mind. An ideal tablet would measure 8 inches with a resolution of 1,280 by 800. It can serve your child well as they watch cat videos and read books.

Storage space is very crucial; you don’t want you kid to be running to you every time their tablet freezes. So a good size would be 16GB and above. This is enough space for installing apps and saving videos and pictures. An expandable memory (micro SD slot) is also very important as you might want more memory with time.

For seamless use, get a tablet with a RAM of 1.5GB or more so that apps can start and operate without hiccups, especially when more than one app is running. Remember to check the battery life as you want a tablet that can stay for longer hours, particularly when traveling, unless you can entertain the kids. But you can also buy a backup battery as a contingency.

Top 5 Tablets for Kids Review

1.       Samsung Galaxy Kids Tab E Lite: Four Your Elementary School Kid

When buying a tablet for your elementary school child, you want one that will assist them in carrying out basic research and having fun while ensuring safe browsing. This Samsung tablet offers your child all these and more.

The Galaxy Tab E Lite for kids resembles the regular Galaxy Tab E Lite. However, it is housed in a powerful green case that has been developed for children. Moreover, the device has parental control and you can set the apps that your kids can access. You can also control tech time and set usage limits.

The tablet comes with Samsung Kids app that your kids can use for free for three months. Once the free trial ends, you will have to incur cost for your kids to access the app. The device is unique in that you can remove the controls once the kid matures and it can work like a typical Galaxy Tab E Lite. As a parent, you can also use it regularly with the admin profile.


·         Decent parental controls

·         Protective casing


·         Samsung Kids app needs being paid for after three months

2.       LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate: For Your Toddler

Because small kids are involved in development and fast learning, you need a tablet that enables active learning. LeapFrog has been popular for designing educational gadgets for kids for a long time, which makes this device suitable for developing kids. The LeapPad Ultimate provides children with learning activities.

Its screen measures seven inches and is safe from shattering. Also, the battery has a life of five hours, which is sufficient enough to meet the demands of a toddler.

What makes this tablet a must-buy is that games are created with the intent to educate your child. While many games are aimed at entertaining and engaging children with zero opportunities to learn in other tablets, children who use LeapPad are able to develop math and reading skills as well as logic at a tender age.

However, the disadvantage of this tablet is that it depends on cartridges to play various games. Hence, you require buying and keeping track of the accessories so your child can make most of the tablet. The LeapPad is most valuable to toddlers aged between three and nine years.


·         Good for developing kids

·         Big screen that is safe from shattering


·         Unsuitable for older kids

3.       Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: Best Overall

When it comes to child-friendly tablets, the Kindle Fire is the best. The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition has been filled with cartoons, children’s books, games, and more media designed for kids. The tablet is accompanied by an annual subscription to FreeTime Unlimited. This service is typically kids’ Netflix.

This Kindle Fire for kids comes in various sizes, such as seven, eight, and ten inches. But the 8-inch version is the best pick as it offers a good balance of price, screen size, and features. It comes with a 1280 by 800 screen resolution, 10-hour battery, and Dolby Atmos dual speakers. What’s more, it comes with a warranty period of two years. Hence, if the child breaks it within that period, they can get a replacement.


·         Two-year warranty

·         Expandable storage

·         One year of FreeTime Unlimited

·         Good parental controls


·         Poor cameras

·         Small speakers

4.       Acer Chromebook Tab10: For Your Teenager

The Acer Chromebook Tab10 is suitable for schooling kids. This device is an amazing means of offering your child access to Android and Chrome OS apps that they use in class on a tablet. Its display measures 9.7 inches, allowing them to read their books with ease, while the resolution is 2048 by 1536 for utmost clarity.

This Acer tablet has a robust casing that can resist any fall. What’s unique about this device is that it has a Wacom EMR stylus that allows children to draw pictures and write notes.


·         Stylish design

·         Chrome OS learning tools

·         Comes with stylus

·         Good graphics


·         Blotchy cameras

·         Short battery life

·         Quiet audio

·         Below average performance

5.       Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

The Lenovo Tab 4 Plus measures ten inches. It comes with a child-friendly Kids Pack add on that costs $20. The Kids Pack has a bumper that secures the tablet from falls and a kids’ mode to keep the internet safe. When compared to the 8-inch model, this one’s battery lasts longer.


·         Vivid display

·         Long battery life

·         Powerful speakers

·         Comfortable design


·         Graphics are below average

·         Runs on old Android 7.1

·         Has glare on screen