If you've ever wondered how you could make the most money while freelancing as a web developer, you've probably thought of which language would yield you the most profit. The best option as a freelancer is usually to chase after the most widespread technologies and not necessarily the trendiest. Being a freelancer is not as easy as it sounds and you must exploit the areas with the most opportunities. We aim to focus on the practical and won't have you learning any relatively complicated languages such as Clojure, Scala or Go—though these do pay very well in big business . This is only a start!

Please note that this is not the infallible truth, you must use what is best for you and your situation.This article assumes you are already familiar with HTML, CSS and concepts such as REST APIs and Ajax. We're focusing on the highest demand for technologies that small businesses and startups often times use. Though some of the technologies listed her may not be the most scalable for larger scale business, as a freelancer, smaller businesses are your target audience.

If this isn't your first list for finding the languages you need to be successful while freelancing, you're probably not surprised at our picks. The truth is that there is no secret to freelancing nor is there a perfect programming language. Every language has its purpose but can and will fail in other areas. Regardless, here is our Top 5 Best Programming Languages for Freelance Web Development.

Best Language to start making money now: PHP

PHP has been the quintessential language of web development for decades. Though there are more modern and trendy languages, PHP is still in widespread use. Some people hate PHP because of its ugly syntax by today's standards. My view on the matter is that if you hate PHP, you probably hate dollar signs—pun intended.

As a freelancer, you will often encounter smaller businesses hiring PHP developers due to its simplicity and the language's popularity historically. PHP (along with Perl) was the glue that kept the web together in the early days of the internet. Many of your clients may already have Wordpress websites in which they want custom plugins and such. Using frameworks such as Wordpress and Laravel will help you attract easy clients who themselves are just getting started in the business sector, thus you can gain useful experience easily. I've seen people offer as much as $100 to help them install Wordpress itself.

Best Language to get a Girlfriend: Python

Python is: ubiquitous in our modern world; trendy as fuck, making you the cool kid who gets all the girls; and easy to learn. Despite being as easy as a toy, most companies you will work with will be employing Python in some way, shape or form. Python jobs also tend to pay more than PHP, generally speaking and you also look cooler. Due to its widespread usage in other domains; integrating machine learning, data analysis and other capabilities into your web apps is seamless. The most popular Python frameworks for web development are Django and Flask.

Flask is great for prototypes and less complicated projects due to its minimal nature. If you need something simple and fast, use Flask. Django on the other hand, is a much larger framework that is better suited for blogs and content-machine type projects. Django has been used in platforms such as Disqus, Instagram, Pinterest and The Onion. Django requires a lot more boilerplate code to get started than Flask but is more scalable for a business.

After having extensive experience in both, I advise that you start small and build according to your needs. This is also a good strategy to ensure returning clients. Establish a good relationship with your clients and help them build gradually if possible. Returning business is good business.

Best Solution for Databases: SQL

SQL, short for Structured Query Language, is the language of relational database systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. When I or anybody else says MySQL, what we actually mean is MariaDB. MariaDB is an free, open source, drop-in replacement for MySQL and is the actually software that is installed when you try to download MySQL on your Linux server.

MySQL is a better choice for web-based applications because of its faster read and write times that add up when there are millions of people making requests to the database at the same time.  MySQL doesn't implement every feature in the SQL standard, allowing it to prioritize speed over completeness.

PostgreSQL is a more advanced database system and is better suited for more complicated applications where data integrity is absolutely critical. PostgresSQL is also arguably more extendable and behaves better for concurrent operations. If you're building a multithreaded application, you might want you use PostgreSQL over MySQL. Since this is web development, I discourage use of PostgreSQL for your freelancing.

The Lifeblood of the Web: JavaScript

There is no web development without JavaScript, that's the only what to put it. If you don't already know Javascript to some level of proficiency, learn it...now! JavaScript enhances user experience by helping make pages dynamic. There is no shortage of frameworks for making your job easier with JavaScript since at times it often feels like an untameable beast. In regards to frameworks, it would be wise to focus your efforts on one or two. The less frameworks you're trying to learn, the more time you'll have to perfect your usage in the ones you use.

Choosing the JavaScript framework to work with seems to narrow down to three major options these days: Vue.js, Angular.js or React.js. Call me wrong for a false generalization, but I've seen a lot more companies asking for developers skilled in these three more than any others in 2019. Granted, there are other very popular frameworks and you should take a look at some of them as well. Both of these frameworks are used to make building dynamic user interfaces in websites much easier for the developer. Discord, Instagram and Facebook (its creator) all use React. Netflix, Upwork and IBM are among the many using Angular. Gitlab is using Vue. Don't be fooled; Vue doesn't have quite as many huge names in the industry, but its popularity has exploded in the last 2 years.

Our site's owner, chovy, favours Vue.js and I favour React.js. Choose the framework that helps you find the most work. Right now, these are hot and have been for a while. Other framworks such as jQuery seem to be losing popularity against these three.

The Trendiest Run-Time Environment for Web Dev: Node.js

Wait...I already said JavaScript, didn't I? If you've grown tired of context switching from the frontend languages to some server language, you might want to give Node.js a shot. Using Node allows you to run JavaScript outside of the web browser and is much faster than Python, Ruby and generally faster than PHP due to its engine being written in efficient C++. The most popular use for Node is to use JavaScript to implement a server side, not just the client. Node has also been used for application development such as the communication platform Discord (alongside other languages) and the text editor Atom.

There is a huge market for talented fullstack JavaScript developers in 2019 and predictably in 2020 as well. Using JavaScript for a web app's client and server has become a huge trend in recent years. Fullstack development is easier on the brain since you don't have to mentally switch from JavaScript to PHP to SQL. There is even a database solution called MongoDB that allows you to interact with it via JavaScript. You'll either be relieved or absolutely sickened using just JavaScript for everything, but hey, at least you're making money.


That's my Top 5. Learn these technologies to get started gaining experience, making money and making the world a better place. You probably won't get rich freelancing with these technologies but you will definitely be able to pay your rent and gear up for getting a very high paying job in the future. Happy hacking!