Portable speakers are not new in the market. But they keep getting better and better. Currently, the market is flooded with waterproof portable speakers that you can use for your pool or beach parties.

Nevertheless, these wireless speakers keep getting smarter and more capable with additional features such as charging capabilities being added to their functionality.

And even though you will not be using your speaker near a pool, accidents and bad weather can happen. Therefore, to enjoy the peace that a waterproof speaker will give you, here is a review of 5 of the best outdoor speakers that you can purchase today.

The Best Waterproof Speakers

1.      Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 For Best Waterproof Speaker

The Ultimate Wonderboom speakers have been the best for the longest period. The reason? The device is so good that it is synonymous with waterproof. It houses a rugged design that plays with a large sound.

Ultimate can also be paired with other UE Wonderbloom speakers to magnify the sound. Unlike the original Ultimate, Ultimate Ears has some improvements. For instance, the battery life in this new upgrade has been increased at a 30 percent rate over the original.

It also possesses a better bass response and a new Outdoor Boost feature that aids in increasing the speaker sound. These upgrades combine to make this device the best waterproof speaker in the market.


·         Awesome sound

·         Can pair with other speakers for more sound

·         Increased battery life

·         IP67 waterproof rating


·         Restrictive soundstage

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2.      JBL Charge 4 For Balance

If you are all about balance when it comes to the devices that you buy, the JBL Charge 4 will work best for your needs. It balances sound, price, and features since the sound is great, you will get a charger for your phone, it is durable, and it lasts for an entire day.

Moreover, this no brainer device can take different forms of abuse. It is even better than your smartphone to some degree. And, you will find other more expensive speakers in the market that do not sound as good as the JBL Charger 4.


·         Very balanced

·         Long battery life

·         Powerful sound

·         Can charge your phone


·         Lacks 360 degree sound

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3.      Denon Envaya DSB-250BT For That Grown-up Look

This waterproof speaker does not look like a waterproof speaker. Hence, it will look good in your classy living room. It also has IP67 water resistance. This means that it can survive full immersion in water.

Out of all the speakers that share the same size as the Denon, it has the greatest sound. It incorporates meaty bass and an audio balance.

However, for you to make the water resistance work you have to get used to the rubbery panels that are used instead of or the clicky buttons.


·         Awesome sound quality

·         IP67 water resistance

·         Neutral design


·         The buttons are stiff

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4.      Anker Soundcore Flare For Impressive Sound

If you want a combination of the best features of competitive waterproof speakers in the market but at an affordable price then the Anker Soundcore is the one for you. This makes sense since Anker has been rated on Amazon as the highest electronic manufacturers.

Anker Soundcore is tough to beat because it offers exceptional sound for a very affordable price. It also has excellent user experience and a tough waterproof build. Besides, it has a Led light, albeit one that can be disabled or kept for fun.

However, other waterproof speakers sound better, but they will cost you more money.


·         Very cheap

·         Impressive sound


·         Harsh sound at max volume

·         Average battery life

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5.      Fugoo Style For Long Battery Life

You should not miss out on this device simply because it is one of the best in the universe. With the Fugoo waterproof speaker, you will have the pleasure of enjoying the longest battery life that amounts to 40 hours.

Additionally, the design of this device is made in a manner that fits different jackets such as sport, style, and tough. This is because the model has been made so that I can fit the core speaker in different styles.

Besides, you will be provided with an excellent blend of sound fidelity, size, and battery life at a price that is affordable. This device also comes in a tiny one pound and it has USB charging.


·         Excellent sound

·         Customizable look

·         Amazing battery life


·         Does not incorporate the latest technology

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Waterproof Speakers Buying Guide

Waterproof speakers are designed to stand being dunked in water or drinks without compromising your blast tunes and durability. But with the many options available in the market, what should you be looking for when you are buying one.

The first thing that you should consider is the quality of sound. If the sound of the speaker is not good then being waterproof means nothing.

This is a no brainer but the second thing to consider is how waterproof the speaker is.  There are models in the market that are splash proof only. This means that they cannot survive being dunked in a pool of water.

Hence, check how waterproof the speaker is before you buy. This should be in line with your needs. A common specification is IPX7 which means that you can immerse the speaker safely in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes. IP67 is the best since it is both waterproof and dustproof.

One other thing that you should consider is whether the speaker is wireless and Bluetooth enabled. This will help you to keep your smartphone away from the pool or beach.

Wi-Fi is an added feature that can benefit you at home. You can even integrate the waterproof speaker with your smart home if it has the Wi-Fi feature. Such a device will have an inbuilt smart assistant like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to make your user experience better.

One final thing that you should not forget to consider is the battery life of the waterproof speaker. You do not want your speaker to go flat in the middle of an awesome party.