For those who have used both wireless and wired speakers, they can attest to the fact that wireless speakers provide not only convenience but style to their users, by giving the user freedom to listen to music anyway and anywhere they choose.

In this article, we explore five outstanding wireless speakers with class and high performance. Whatever be your taste, you should find more than enough to choose.

1. JBL Flip 4

The JBL Flip 4 is simply the definition of the word rugged. This wireless speaker is compact, strongly built, and produces great sounds both in indoor and outdoor settings. Those who purchase JBL speakers have little to worry about when it comes to durability. This is because if what you are looking for is a portable wireless speaker that can withstand about anything that impacts it, then JBL is the one for you.

JBL has an IPX7 water rating and gives out great sounds even when surrounded by a lot of background noise. With an impressive battery life of up to 12 hours, Google Now and Siri compatibility and speakerphone capability, you will have no reason whatsoever to regret owning the JBL Flip 4. This device goes for just on $99 on Amazon.

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2. UE Megaboom 3

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 stands out among its peers with a whopping 20 hours of playtime and the ability to withstand water and dust. Also, its sound quality appears to be too good to come from a Bluetooth speaker, little wonder the device has become a favorite portable companion.

With all its amazing features, there are things the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 cannot do. Like the ability to connect to an external music source, take phone calls or charging your phone.

All the same, it is a great device for lovers of high-quality sounds, and it can be purchased on Amazon for $169.

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3. Sonos One

Sonos One is often referred to as a whole-home audio solution and rightly so because its design gives it a room-filling signature when activated. The device also supports Google Assistant and Alexa, which places it as one of the top wireless speakers that money can buy.

Sonos One

Another feature that sets Sonos apart is how easy it is to use. It is not complicated that even those who are not tech-savvy can use it. Sonos One has one of the best WiFi performance on the market, an easy-to-do setup and very compatible with most music services available. Though the wireless device has no Bluetooth and hi-res music functionality, its overall performance eclipses these missing features.

Sonos One goes for $199 on Amazon, a great deal I must say.

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4. KEF LS50

If you're a lover of hi-fi sound reproduction, then the KEF LS50 is the wireless speaker device you should lay your hands on. This device is remarkable for its gorgeous appearance and hi-fi sound quality, something only an audiophile would understand.

The LS50 gives off a sound quality that can only be described as crystal clear and has a perfect balance. The sound produced by the device can also be customized according to the taste and room setup of the user.

The LS50 has both Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities; it also has wired options like analog input, sub-woofer output, optical input, and a USB connection for PC audio. Also in its list of features are sensitive touch controls, a remote and an app.

The KEF LS50 is priced at $2,499 on Amazon.

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5. Riva Concert

Riva Concert is a smart wireless speaker designed for high-level performance. The device comes with a built-in Alexa support, multiple connections, an optional battery pack, and the best sound you've heard so far. Everything anyone may desire in a wireless speaker is packed within the Riva Concert device.

Riva Concert

At a cost-effective price of $199 on Amazon, Riva Concert can be yours. A reasonable price judging by the great features it comes with, some of which are a USB port, an auxiliary-in jack, a threaded mounting hole, and an authentic stereo sound. A lot of wireless speakers out there cannot boast of having even a little of the features Riva Concert has.

With its water resistance and optional battery pack, the Riva Concert is the complete wireless speaker package.

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It can only get the above listed wireless speaker devices. These are the leading market forces when it comes to high-quality sounds, and you cannot go wrong with any of them. According to your taste and budget, I believe there must be one that will suit you just fine.

With these wireless speakers, listening to music is definitely going to take an unexpected but certainly enjoyable and addictive turn for their users.