If you're like me, you love horror movies and the commentary created for them. I like to be up to date with the best horror movies and also like to know what the deeper meanings of some of the art-project exploitation films are. Here is the Top 5 YouTube channels for Horror movie reviews and commentary.

Dead Meat

Dead Meat is a horror channel run by actor James A. Janeese. Dead Meat is known for "The Kill Count", where James counts the kills in all of our favourite horror movies with humour sprinkled in. The Kill Count Videos are very entertaining and addictive to watch. If you're a gore fan and don't really care for the shitty plots of most horror movies, Dead Meat has got you covered showing only the movie deaths. I had a good laugh at the kill counts for Blood Rage and Thankskilling, check them out.


FoundFlix is known for the series "Ending Explained", where movies are explained with film theories. If you can't be bothered with reading the plot for a movie you want to watch on Wikipedia, FoundFlix has you covered. You'll be able to get the gist of a movie without actually having to buy and watch it, which could either help you decide whether to watch it or not or know enough to have a conversation about it.


SpookyRice is a channel inspired by Ending Explained and Dead Meat. SpookyRice produces Disturbing Breakdowns for exploitation films that we're all too afraid to watch. Most of the videos are age-restricted due to the extreme nature of the material covered. If you ever wanted James A. Janeese to cover something really fucked up like A Serbian Film, SpookyRice is the channel for you. Though not a kill count, you get uncensored highlights of very disturbing movies you're probably too scared to watch and that James will probably never cover. I never knew how many movies had rape as a central theme...

Horrible Reviews

Horrible Reviews is a horror movie review channel run by a Dutch guy. If you like reviews and honest opinions on some of the most hyped up disturbing movies such as "Faces of Death" or "Melancholie Der Engel", Horrible Reviews might just be your new favourite channel. Though smaller and not as well-produced as the others on this list, the host is still genuinely funny on occasion and I enjoy his videos.


Cinemassacre is better known for the long-running webseries "The Angry Video Game Nerd", which is about comedically angry video game reviews. However, Cinemassacre also has many retro horror movie reviews as seen in Monster Madness and movie trivia in this playlist. James Rolfe loves what he does and is a genuinely entertaining character in all of the content he posts.

There you have it, the top 5 Youtube channels for horror commentary! If you know about any other channel that you didn't see on this list, please leave some feedback; I'd really like to know about more horror channels. I wish you safe travels and pleasant dreams.