One of the latest trends in the gaming community is the VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which grants the users the chance to experience an impressive graphical 3-D (Three dimensional) simulation of their environment. With a lot of the top corporations dabbling into this technology, there is a wide range of VR gaming gear options to choose from.

The release of  VR Headsets in 2016 has revolutionalized the gaming industry and took the gaming fans by storm. With a better User Experience, the entry of the technology sparked the ever-insatiable demand for VR games. VR reality gaming also necessitates increased user participation for a better and amazing experience.

There are two different classes of VR headsets based on the underlying technology, mobile headsets, and all-in-one headsets. The mobile headsets require a smartphone or a connection to a PC for the simulation screen while the all-in-one headsets come with its own built-in displays along with a lot of other components playing a hand in the device’s operation.

Google’s Daydream View, Valve’s Valve Index, Sony’s PlayStation VR, Samsung’s Gear VR, Facebook’s Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest are some of the VR gaming headsets to watch out for when going shopping for the unique gaming experience.

1. Samsung’s Gear VR

Dependent on a connection with a high-end Samsung smartphone released within the past two years, this mobile headset provides the user with better graphics resolution, upgraded motion tracking, and easy-to-use controllers. With access to libraries’ worth of applications content, the user can download free and paid content from different sections of the library.

The light-built Gear VR plug-and-play port has been upgraded to USB-C so as to grant the users the option of charging their smartphone whilst connected to the headset. The Gear VR also comes with the battery-powered controller accessory which would be connected to the smartphone through Bluetooth. The controller’s layout features a trackpad for navigation which can also serve as a button as well as the Back, Home, Volume and trigger buttons.

The Samsung Gear VRis now available online going at a price range of $85 - $95, which is a lot more affordable than the other VR gaming headsets options.  Buy on Amazon now.

2. Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S is a VR device which is hosted on a PC platform which meets the specs compatibility requirements. The latest release by Oculus VR entices users with new features and upgrades, such as its new ‘Insight Tracking’ motion tracking system makes use of five sensors positioned on the headset.

This beats its less-convenient motion tracking predecessor that utilizes external motion sensors wired with the PC. The Oculus Rift S makes use of lesser wired connections to the PC, with a more user-friendly VR experience for the users.

The visuals have also been upgraded, with a higher resolution with a larger picture size per eye integrating high-quality user experience, but the refresh rate has been reduced to 80Hz. Oculus Rift S, however, doesn’t come with built-in speakers but offers the users the 3.5mm audio output jack for users to make use of for sound.

Oculus stated that the Oculus Rift S doesn’t make use of a Bluetooth accessory for sound because of the possible lagging between the visuals and sound of the headsets. The users have access to an impressive content of games and applications like the latest Rift games.

Available for purchase, the Oculus Rift S goes at a price of £399, which is a lot more affordable than the HTC Vive Pro.You can purchase one here.

3. Google’s Daydream View

Daydream View, the successor of the Google Cardboard, the cheap mobile-based headset comes with a better light-weight design that has a removable strap, and an easy-to-use responsive VR controller. Compatible with all only android devices, the headsets come with high-quality lenses to produce an increased picture.

This VR platform, however, offers limited library content compared to other VR platforms with much larger content services, and also limited visuals which greatly depends on the phone’s screen quality.

Perfect for new VR enthusiasts looking for a light dive into the VR experience, the Daydream View comes at a very competitive price rate of  $79/ £69/AU$119. You can order for one here.

4. Valve Index

Valve’s PC-based recent release into the VR industry, Valve Index, offers a lot of new exciting features with its new accessories. The Valve Index kit comes with the headsets, controllers and base stations as well as a few accessories.

The headsets come with an upgraded resolution size screen display (1440 x 1600 per eye) and RGB LCD screens. The display has several options of refresh rate modes of 80Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz and 144Hz which enhances the device’s visuals. The speakers in the headsets provide the users with a better sound experience void of any outside noise interference and distance from the users’ ears.

The controllers are even more impressive with its tracking sensors which take notes of the movements and pressure of each finger when in use. The controllers feature an analog grip function that can be used to measure the pressure levels of a user’s grip.

The Valve Index comes with the more precise base stations 2.0, with the base stations 2.0 offering a 400% larger play space when compared to the base stations 1.0.

The Valve Index is guaranteed to give the users a unique VR experience with its impressive features. The Valve Index comes at a reasonably high price of £459/$750 available on the Amazon and Steam platforms. Buy one now.

5. Oculus Quest

This all-in-one wireless VR headset does not necessitate the use of a PC or mobile for visual integration. The Oculus Quest comes with the Oculus Insight, which utilizes wide-angle sensors and complex computations to give a room-wide scale of the environment and also prevents the users from running into walls.

The VR headset runs on a more powerful processor and features a better screen resolution, as well as the first-ever screencasting feature which allows the user to share the screen with another device.

The VR device also comes with light-weight controllers, tracking sensors and impressive sound quality. The VR headsets come in two options of memory storage, 64GB, and 128GB.

The VR headset is available for purchase at the price of $399/ £399 / AU$729. Order for one here.

6. Sony Playstation VR

The PlayStation VR, powered by the PS4, is a relatively cheaper user-friendly VR device aimed at introducing virtual reality to the PlayStation console. The PlayStation VRis highly impressive with its HD OLED display which offers the users a resolution size of 960 x 1080 per eye.

The VR device has a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is considerably higher than that of some of its competitors. The device doesn’t include any in-built headphones for sound but rather offers an audio jack for the user sound preferences.

The PlayStation VR comes with its own controllers but also integrates well with the PS4’s wireless controllers. The device also comes with an external tracking camera system, offers a much better experience on the PlayStation 4 Pro and an impressive content of games.

The device comes at an affordable price of $300. Buy one here.


With several options to choose from, the user’s gaming interaction experience is guaranteed to be heightened and much more interesting. Most of these VR headsets come with the controllers accessory, an impressive visual rendering and lots of content to ensure the users never get bored.

With the rate at which the VR technology is rapidly changing and advancing, we can fully assure that there are still future releases that will definitely eclipse the models available now.

But these are the best VR headsets available now to take a pick from, with each one offering its own unique attributes.