Gas does not come cheap, and its price is expected to go higher soon. However, the best gas saving apps ensures you get great discounts on gas purchases. Therefore, consider the best gas saving apps outlined below when next you're planning your trip.

1. GasBuddy:

GasBuddy helps you to find gas stations offering the lowest price on gas, which helps to pay less at the pump. The app claims to save 15c/gal on 1st fill, 5c/gal on every fill, and savings up to $340/yr. In the same vein, GasBuddy allows you to customize your search based on price, brand, and amenities offered, including restaurants, car washes, and restrooms. It's also worth noting that you can earn free gas while shopping on Walmart, Amazon, etc. via GasBuddy.

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2. Trunow:

Trunow is one of the best fuel apps for iPhone and Android devices. It alerts you of gas stations with the lowest prices near you. Thus, you can find cheap gas prices conveniently. On the other hand, Trunow is a gas app that pays you for every gas station you visit. But then, you need to take a picture of the gas receipt to take advantage of the deal. You can then opt to use what you're funded with to rebuy gas or be credited with cash.

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3. Route4Me:

Route4Me helps you cover the shortest route in a bid to save time, effort, and gas. What this app does is to schedule your appointments, visits, pickups, deliveries, for the day, and give you the shortest route to cover to achieve each of these. As such, saving some amount of gas on each trip can add up significantly at the end of the day. You can also ascertain how many miles you'll have to drive to cover a route.

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4. AAA TripTik:

AAA TripTik enables you to locate gas stations with the cheapest gas prices near you. The latter is made possible since the app incorporates 85,000 gas stations in the U.S and their updated prices. You can also rely on the app to find AAA-rated hotels, restaurants, and attractions, as well as the most efficient route to each of these places. Therefore, if you're looking for the best way to save on gas, an app of this nature would do. What's more, you can request for roadside assistance directly from the app, and this feature may come in handy when you least expect.

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5. Gas Guru:

Gas Guru provides you with cheap local gas prices, and thus, you are well informed of the gas station to visit even before you hit the road. You can also compare the gas prices from the gas station near work, home, or school to see which is the cheapest. In addition, there's the ability to customize your search based on cash discount, ATM, 24Hr service, etc. The same goes for the ability to search by gas/fuel grade.

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6. MapQuest:

Mapquest gives you driving directions and the shortest possible route to cover. For this reason, you can save your gas by not maneuvering through certain streets. Mapquest also provides traffic updates that help you ascertain what's happening ahead of you and how you can find alternative routes to your destination. Lest we forget, you can also compare the prices at different gas stations directly from MapQuest.

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7. GetUpside:

GetUpside promises to help you save 25¢/gal by providing you with the cheapest gas prices in gas stations around your location. This free gas app covers about 9000 gas stations, including those from big names like Shell, BP, and Exxon. Also, the cash you earn is either paid through PayPal, check, or egift card. Likewise, you can earn cashback on convenience store items and auto services you purchase.

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These are some of the best gas saving apps for 2020, which can ensure that you spend less for the same amount of gas. Also, some apps take it one step further to enable you to earn on gas purchases. It's even better that you get to compare gas prices between several stations near you. Hence, how much you'll spend on gas at the end of the day can be reduced considerably.