The top Meetup alternatives for 2020 can help you to organize meetings or events with people with similar interests. These are apps like Meetup that have similar features to the latter, and also incorporate unique features within them. Whether you're new to town or your friends are too busy to hang out, with these apps, you can find people with similar interests online.

What's more, these social network services have been up and about for a long time, and for this reason, they have thousands of users. It, therefore, creates a large pool of friends you can mingle with for fun or educational reasons. Now if you're looking for social meetup groups near you, consider the top Meetup alternatives for 2020 as outlined below:

1. Groupspaces:

Groupspaces is an alternative to for people in their early 20's, 30's, and virtually all ages looking to bond with like-minded people. This platform has more than 10,000 groups, and as such, the potential to find groups of choice is high. You can also host forums and email discussions on Groupspaces. Lest we forget, events you've created can be synced to your calendar or Facebook event.

2. Eventbrite:

Whether you're interested in music, science, politics, charity, fashion, etc., you can find people of similar interests on Eventbrite. All you have to do is pick a date, set a location, and search for meetups that fit into your free time. As a popular Meetup alternative, this platform automatically detects your location to show you events that have been set up already. That being so, it is easier for you to peruse through upcoming events. It's even better since you have the option to start an event of your own; which includes conferences, workshops, nonprofits, and fundraisers.

3. Foursquare:

Foursquare is a search-and-discovery application for iOS and Android smartphones. What it does is to help you discover new places near you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, etc. The app also keeps tracks of places you often visit, such as sports centers, casinos, or golf courses. Furthermore, you can rely on the ratings and reviews of those who have been to a particular location. And if these reviews interest you, then it might be a place to visit.

4. Downtomeet:

Downtomeet provides you with the right tools to create public or private groups. You can add links or photos to events you create to make it more appealing. What's more, you are allowed to upload images of events you've attended; hence, the user engagement improves online. There's also the option to choose from already set up activities to find people based on the same interest or language.

5. Smacktive:

Smacktive is another competitor to Meetup. You can use this app to create activities such as a basketball game, a scrabble contest, gym, movies, etc. The platform, on the other hand, does a search to discover other users who may be interested in performing the same activity with you. It also matches your level of skill to pair you with the right individuals. Therefore, you can look forward to making new friends with this app. The app is free to download for Android and iOS users.

6. Citysocializer:

Citysocializer helps you find people in your location, and who may be interested in hanging out. You can filter your search based on age, new members, neighborhood, relationship status, most active, viewed your profile, amongst others. Also, you are allowed to add suggested people or those attending events similar to yours. For this reason, there's the potential to build lifelong relationships with people of similar interests.

7. Network Builder:

Network Builder allows you to organize events for people looking for what you offer. It uses an algorithm to connect people with similar interests. Thus, it makes it easier for you to find people you can relate to. What's more, you can create a private group for your followers just by sending out invitations to your online followers to join the group. Members in your group are also messaged if they share the same interests.


A boring day can turn into an exciting one if you can find people of similar interests to share your day with. And that's what the top alternatives to Meetup can offer. You can customize your search to the tiniest detail to find people in your location. Therefore, there's no excuse for not turning those free days into eventful ones.