There are regular sports on one hand, and there are sports for the filthy rich, on the other hand. While both come with the promise of fun and excitement, their players are quite different. In the case of the latter, only the rich and wealthy can play these games given their outrageous costs. And like you, we were on our toes to discover what these sports are and what sets them apart from the traditional games.

What’s more, if you have more than a couple of dollars in your bank - and you're looking for a way to blow some steam "the way rich guys do", then you may be enthusiastic about playing one of these exclusive-for-the-rich sports. Nonetheless, whether it's to satisfy your curiosity or join a club, here are the top sports for the filthy rich:

1. Polo:

Polo is a sport for the filthy rich when consideration is given to the high expenses usually associated with playing the game. Elite horses are used and they require proper maintenance. Moreover, players need to have more than one horse, and that could add up to the maintenance costs.

There's also the high travel expenses since this game often holds in Santa Barbara, Aspen, or the Pampas of Argentina. Besides, it could cost as high as $300,000 and $1,000,000 to be a patron and sponsor polo teams in tournaments. While the game may sound exciting, there is the potential for injury, therefore, players need to prepare for expensive medical expenses.

2. Equestrian:

Equestrian as a horseback riding sports does not come cheap. For starters, the horses have to be trained to be obedient and that could take some time and expenses. The cost of exhibiting a horse in an international tournament could go as high as $200,000 a year. Despite the expenses, this game has become an addictive form of gambling attracting the rich and lovers of signature cocktails.

What's more, there could be minor or fatal injuries during the game, given the high speed these horses move. State records in Victoria, Australia revealed that equestrian sports had the third-highest incidence of serious injury, thus, there are high medical expenses to worry about while playing this sport.

3. Golf:

It may seem like some rich guys pushing tiny balls through small holes, but golf has been one of the most expensive sports since forever. It has an expensive golf course membership, expensive professional lessons, high flying expenses, etc.

Also, gaining membership to one of the top golf clubs may require more than money, since a bit of connection is needed. You need to know someone who knows someone in an Elite position, and so on. And as with the game, the pay is quite high as well seeing that Tiger Woods' 2019 estimated earnings in 2019 is $63.9 million.

4. Sailing:

Let's sail across the ocean and have a feel of the wind on our face. That's not something everyone can do, especially when you consider the high cost of renting or buying a boat. Aside from taking a leisurely ride, rich people have invented a sailing sport that only other rich people can play.

Here's what it looks like, a person who intends to sail will need to drop a couple of dollars on the boat for its maintenance. There's also the high annual dues of about $4 million just to get into one of the most expensive yacht clubs that will offer a place to moor the boat. Asides that, the high maintenance fees, expensive clothes, luxury, etc. can add up to the cost.

5. Formula One:

Formula One also known as Motorsport is one more popular game for those who are extremely wealthy. Thus, not just about anyone can play the game irrespective of their level of skill or expertise. The reason is, a lot of cash is required just to grace the wheels of these sports cars.

In this case, a participant who wants to race in a season will need to invest in a kart and pay fees up to $180,000. Nonetheless, there's always another way of playing this game since there are sponsorships flying around. That being the case, you may not even spend your own money to play the game.

6. Skiing:

Skiing may be accessible to the average Americans, but the cost is rising each day. We may finally see the day when Skiing becomes a sport exclusively for the rich due to the rising costs. In this case, you need to cover the expenses to travel to the mountain, buy skiing equipment, pay for lodging, etc.

Moreover, there are certain regions that are limited to the wealthiest of them. Some of these are the Swiss Alps and the peaks around Lake Tahoe. On the other hand, there's the ski jumping equipment whose costs go as high as $3,000. You'll also have to consider insurance policy which is pretty expensive.


These are some of the most expensive sports for the filthy rich. Being inaccessible to the general public is usually one of their selling points, thereby making them something to wish for. Despite this, it is worth pointing out that some of these games come with high risks of their own, which also translates into more money to cover medical expenses.