In layman's terms, torrents are an easy way of distributing files. A torrent is a very small file that contains the details of other files that are shared through the torrent file. The work of the torrent client is to download and to upload available files so that you and others can use that file.

qBittorent And Jackett are two examples of torrent clients that you can use to download your files. Here is their review.


This is the client to use if what you want is a simple, fast, and zero ads experience. Besides, the qBittorent client is completely free. Since it is open-source, it will deliver you a clean experience. However, qBittorent does not appeal to everyone. Take a look at this review to see if it is for you.

·         Features

qBittorent runs on all major platforms. Based on the Qt toolkit, it has a user interface that is simple and lightweight. It offers RSS feed support, it supports search engine plugins and a bandwidth scheduler. qBittorent also has no advertisements. Other features of qBittorent include a built-in search engine, remote torrent management, and torrent creation tool. The GUI for qBittorent is much similar to that of uTorrent. It has a sidebar with a quick menu and a simple layout that allows you to track your torrent activities. With the RSS feed support, you can download any torrents added to the feed automatically.

·         User Experience

The simplicity of qBittorent’s user experience is one of its defining features. Since there are no advertisements, your user experience will remain clean and streamlined. The left sidebar will give you a quick menu and the top bar has a search bar that you can use when looking for a file.

·         Built in Search Engine

While qBittorent offers you a built-in search engine, you will have to find and install plugins if you want increased functionality when searching for files. This should be easy since most of the plugins are free to download and install. Also, there are many different user-created search engine plugins to choose from. These options will allow you to use qBittorent without the need of visiting pirate sites. This also ensures that you have extra security when downloading your files.

·         Capping the Bandwith

The ability to cap the download as well as the upload speeds of torrents is not new for many of the BitTorrent programs. Capping the speed is important especially if you want to reduce the amount of bandwidth you are using. This also allows you to do other things without compromising on the internet and browsing speed. Besides, qBittorent will also allow you to schedule your bandwidth caps. For instance, if you work with your internet during the day, you can schedule the caps to be on during that time and leave them unlimited for the rest of the night.

·         Remote Torrent Management

Sometimes you just want to download large files. To make this possible, you prioritize your download list or you adjust your bandwidth caps. When using qBittorent, you will have the luxury of performing these adjustment tasks remotely on any of your browsers. All you have to do is enable the web user interface in your options menu. The default port is usually 8080. Once the option is enabled, you will be able to access the GUI through your browser. Besides, this feature will allow you to look at your running torrent on other devices.

·         Security

Download qBittorent from a trusted source and you will not have to worry about security issues. This means that you will not have to worry about downloading malicious software. Another advantage of using qBittorent is that you do not have to worry about downloading and installing other software in its place. This is because qBittorent does not trick you into downloading other additional programs. But ensure that you use a VPN to download your torrent anonymously. Without a good VPN, anyone will be able to see what you are downloading.

·         Sequential downloading

Since qBittorent receives files from different sources, it usually downloads the pieces of a file in random order. This can be limiting since you will not be able to watch a video until the download is complete. Nevertheless, the sequential downloading feature of qBittorent forces the torrent client to download the files in sequential order. Hence, you can start watching your video file while it is still downloading. However, it is recommended that you should only use this feature for downloading the video files that you want to watch immediately.


Jacket is a torrent that will allow you to use indexers and trackers that are not available as built-ins on either Sonarr or Radarr. It works as a proxy server. Jackett will translate the queries from apps like Sonarr and Radarr into tracker site-specific HTTP queries. It then parses the HTML responses and sends the results back to the requesting software.

As a result, you will be able to get any recent uploads such as RSS as well as perform searches. The advantage of using Jackett is that it removes the burden from other apps. Besides, it allows you to use a bunch of additional torrent providers. Hence, it will turn your Windows home media server into a Torznab API server so that apps like Sonarr can interact with it.

Jackett is also by far the easiest app to setup. All you need to do is to download the latest version of Jackett and install it. You should also configure the indexers that you want to add to Sonarr or Radarr. You can also configure the Jackett plugin with qBittorrent. Since Jackett uses an external configuration file, you will be able to update the plugin without losing your settings.


Overall, qBittorent is very lightweight since it has no advertisements and it offers limited features as well as customization settings. This also means that you will leave a minimal footprint when using qBittorent. Nevertheless, you will still get all the necessary features you require in a torrent client.