The Epic Rap Battle between Satoshi Nakamoto and Alexander Hamilton caused quite a hype in the community by using music to explain a whole philosophical, economic, moral, and political debate.

However, you may not like rap, but music is a universal language that brings nocoiners and maximalists together. And the proof of it is that more and more artists dedicate some of their work to the blockchain, demonstrating that more than a technology this is already a social phenomenon.

Here are five crypto songs that are great for lovers of 5 different styles of music:

Crypto Song #1 (RAP): Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi [feat. EpicLloyd, TimDeLaGhetto]

If we began this article by referring to this song, it is because it is one day old, and yet it has won the applause and praises of thousands of fans all around the world.

In this Rap, Alexander Hamilton— father and Defender of the Centralized Banking System— is confronted against Satoshi Nakamoto —father and Defender of the decentralized financial system that was put on the table by cryptocurrencies.

Despite being a battle, disses and attacks are not as important as the academic content behind the song. The arguments of both parties are quite robust, and it is an excellent tool to understand the other side of the coin no matter what your stance is.

Crypto Song # 2 (REGGAE): "Crypto" by John Barrett and Jamie Sparks.

It doesn't matter whether or not you're a fan of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. This is one of the happiest and most good-vibey songs I've ever heard.

This one's perfect to brighten your day, and although the singer makes a bit of fun with this culture, he sincerely explains what's going on in the crypto-verse in a very subtle way.

Crypto Song # 3 (COUNTRY): 10'000 Bitcoins - Laura Saggers

This song by Laura Saggers shows the naive spirit of a crypto hodler who puts her dreams into Bitcoin and the bullish trend that excites the whole world.

The song talks about a girl who fantasizes about all the things she would do with her partner if she had 10000 Bitcoins. However, in spite of everything she could do with all that money, the chorus speaks precisely of what should matter most to any investor: Their family and the love of others.

Having lots of money that won't make you happy
If you're super-duper rich but all alone
It's having someone t share the dream
I'm so glad that you share mine with me

Pay attention to the song and stop looking at those charts 24/7! You're missing the most beautiful things in your life!

Crypto Song # 4 (POP): Love You Like A Bitcoin - Kryptina

This song from 2012 was created by Kryptina, a singer with a beautiful voice who has been mining bitcoins since 2010.

The song uses Selena Gomez's "I love you like a love song" as melody and adds some well-thought lyrics in which she explains the technical aspects of Bitcoin - which makes the song a bit strange for those who know the original.

A hidden jewel in the history of Bitcoin

Crypto Song # 5 (J-POP): The moon and cryptocurrency and me - The Cryptocurrency Girls

Ok. We had to add this song just for the lols.

In a fast-paced and cheerful track like most of the songs from Japanese girl groups, these artists talk about the thrill of trading, the need to have a strong password and other IMPORTANT security advice.

It's like sitting down to talk to Andreas Antonopoulos and Yoni Assia and condensing everything into one song. If you don't believe us, try to make a song with these verses

Accidents are inevitable
Set your password nice and safe, the same ones are not usable
Calm down baby, Tranquilo! Security is so crucial
Just create a Hardware Wallet and set up a 2FA for yourself

Also, if you want to hear these songs with a nice pair of headphones that are well built and not extremely expensive, check out our recommendations for 2019! these will all sound great and will cost you less than a hundred bucks!

Enjoy your crypto trip!