The popular IPTV service "Vaders" has shutdown for good according to this TorrentFreak article. I was a paid subscriber for about a month almost 6 months ago and the service was terrible back then, I knew they were doomed because it was amateur hour in the IPTV world.

They had a sort of working EPG and an APK which seems to be what everyone wants after spending hundreds on their expensive IPTV boxes. My solution is to use a fire tv stick for $40 and use a web browser like Amazon silk to watch illegal pirate TV streams.

For those who are not aware IPTV means Internet Protocol Television and is still fairly new. Its been around for a couple of years now and becoming more popular these days as folks shift to streaming and cancel their cable account (also known as "cord cutting").

You can read more at r/IPTV if you are curious. The thing is Vaders was never going to last long as they took credit cards and paypal. If you're an IPTV service or a customer its in your best interest to use Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. That way you can stay anonymous should things go south.

I've been using IPTV for about 3 years now and have tried a few, I tend to avoid paying for a year upfront unless its a reasonable deal because these services tend to disappear in a heart beat. Vaders was doomed because they heavily advertised on YouTube and other for profit internet sites. As well as taking credit cards, the entertainment industry didn't take long to notice and shut them down. From what I've heard Vaders made around $12.6M in the two years they were active. That's a lot of money and you can bet they will not get off easy.