Warner Bros isn't willing to lose a penny, and in a desperate attempt to stop the inevitable spread of p2p content sharing, it has managed to obtain several blocking orders against a lot of major pirate sites used by the Indian community.

The list of affected sites includes EZTV, TorrentDownloads, Zooqle, Monova, Tamilrockers, MovieRulz, Bolly4u, and many others. In the lawsuit, they mention not only the "main" domains but also an important number of redirections.

In India, "decentralization" is a word that causes repulsion among the authorities. Just a few days ago, The High Court of Madras ordered a block against over 1200 websites to prevent the spread of the movie "NERKONDA PAARVAI."

Theatrical release poster for "Nerkonda Paarvai" / Credit:Wikipedia

Likewise, the use of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies has been prohibited by the authorities of that country to the extent that private banks have threatened to terminate the personal accounts of any user who has ever used cryptocurrencies.

In addition to blocking the sites mentioned above, the court granted Warner permission to update its list at any time to prevent the creation of additional domains or platforms that might circumvent the block.

In the digital era,  certain things are very difficult to combat. No matter how much Warner wants to complicate the life of the Indians, in the end, it is possible that the only solution for them is to fit into the Internet revolution to avoid being left behind.

What Can You Do If You Live in India?

A simple VPN is enough for people to access any of the blocked sites — as the order only prevents them from being able to be viewed in India. Services such as NordVPN, and Limevpn provide secure encrypted connections at meager prices, but there are also plugins and less-powerful free services available on the Internet... Google is your friend

Also, another possibility that users can try is accessing through proxies. This way any of these sites becomes available again for the whole country in just one a click: Ninja Brose and Ninja Proxy are excellent examples.

To know more about how to merge Piracy with privacy-assuring methods, click this link for an in-depth guide. Also, this link will help you know how to remain anonymous while surfing the web

Also, users could access content-sharing forums where they provide .torrent files and download the one they prefer. These sites are popular both in the clearnet and in the deep web.

It's hard to stop a revolution. No matter how much money Warner invests, they are making the same mistake as Lars Ulrich in Napster's days. They may block a web page, but the torrent network is unstoppable.