Bitcoin, a digital currency once shunned by businesses all around the world, has now become a symbol of innovation. Nowadays, firms are ranked by how technologically updated they are, and the adoption of Bitcoin places them at the top.

Today, lots of major companies have incorporated Bitcoin into its operations, and we shall take a look at some of them below.

Major Companies


This company is not just known as a platform to purchase domain names; it's also known for its fight for Internet freedom. It has come to be a haven for crypto enthusiasts, where they can buy credit for their Namecheap account by using Bitcoin.


Overstock goes a step further by accepting more types of cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. The company also holds Bitcoin, which shows that the company is not just trying to appear trendy by accepting Bitcoin, but is heavily invested in cryptocurrency.


This company is popular because people can purchase all sorts of computer hardware as well as Crypto mining hardware. Suddenly becoming a favourite in the cryptocurrency community pushed the company to start accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.


Bitcoin has been a part of Microsoft as far back as 2014, which the company used to accept payments in its online Xbox Store. Due to the coin’s volatility, the company took a temporary break but are now accepting it once again just for the Xbox store credits.

Companies Accepting Bitcoin Based On Needs

The following Bitcoin-accepting websites have been arranged based on consumer needs.

Household and Kitchen Items

For all your household and Kitchen items, is the best place to look.


KFC Canada recently joined the crypto train and is currently accepting Bitcoin as payment for meals. Customers who own Bitcoin can comfortably eat and pay with their coins.


When it comes to a wide range of electronic products, Overstock and are far ahead of any competition. Also, the fact that you can pay with Bitcoin makes it even more appealing.

Furniture also provides consumers with the best furniture products. With your Bitcoin, you can buy just anything on the website, including bed and bath.

Pet Supplies

Cryptopet is your Bitcoin-friendly company for the purchase of pet food and supplies.


Even payment for your travels has been made easier for Bitcoin holders by Expedia. With Expedia, you can pay for your flights with Bitcoin.

Another company that accepts Bitcoin for flights is Cheap Air.

Beauty and Health

When it comes to beauty and health products, and make it easier for Bitcoin holders to pay with bitcoin.


Books can be paid for using Bitcoin on

Services You Can Access Using Bitcoin

Businesses across the Globe

These businesses may not rank among the bigwigs, yet they contribute to the global adoption of Bitcoin. These businesses allow customers to make purchases with Bitcoin and one way to find them is by using coinmap 2.0. This map will reveal both local and international locations of merchants who accept Bitcoin.

Shopify Stores

A simple way to describe Shopify is that it is similar to eBay or Etsy. This e-commerce platform helps merchants to set up and run online shops of their own to sell their products. Shopify merchants were given the option of accepting Bitcoin payments in November 2013, with BitPay facilitating the exchange.


This website is a well-known gift card site and mobile app which allows users to purchase gift cards for various websites such as JCPenny, Home Depot, Amazon, Sephora, Kohl's etc. EGifter has partnered with Coinbase to let customers make their purchases using Bitcoin.


Dish Network, an Internet service provider as well as a satellite television company, has been accepting Bitcoin since August 2014. Dish made history as one of the top companies to adopt any digital currency, and definitely the first among subscription-based TV providers to tow that road.

Now, Dish customers have the option of making payments on using Bitcoin. However, the choice of paying online using a bank account, debit card or credit card is still available for customers.

For the Bitcoin transactions, Dish is currently in partnership with Coinbase.

Reeds Jewelers, Inc.

This is an American owned business scattered across 13 US states with a central online presence. All locations in the 13 states accept bitcoin.

Some of the things customers can buy from it include loose diamonds, fine jewelry and watches. Those who purchase loose diamonds worth $25,000 will get them delivered free of charge to their location in an armored vehicle.


This is another online gift card platform which accepts payments in Bitcoin.

Gift cards that can be obtained on Gyft include Sephora, Whole Foods, Target, Southwest Airlines, and lots more. By simply using a Coinbase wallet, these gift cards can be yours within the shortest time.


This site gives users access to a wide range of electronic products. Also, customers can purchase personal care items and groceries from them. BitPlaza has an option which allows customers to pay with their Bitcoin when they shop online via BitPlaza Shopping Center, or they can do so via the apps which are available both for Android devices and iOS.

More Stamps Global

The company disclosed in August 2018 that it would be adding more travel options for customers, one of which is the addition of forty popular cryptocurrencies. More Stamps Global provides services such as flights, hotels, activities etc. at affordable rates.

With the addition of forty different digital assets, the company has given travelers more options to pay for rental cars, hotels, etc., and to have better travel experiences.

Roadway Moving Company

Roadway Moving Company began to accept Bitcoin in 2017, which made it the first moving company to include Bitcoin among its payment options. The company took advantage of the zero sales tax that comes along with Bitcoin. With this innovative move, Roadway Moving Company has attracted more customers. However, it will not be accepting cold wallet payments.