While having a nice meal can be extremely satisfying for your mind, body, and soul, cooking is an underrated yet essential activity. It’s a process that’s often narrowed down to the menu, recipe, ingredients, and spices, but we can often leave out the most essential thing -- the cookware.

Everyone has their own preferences and opinions on the materials they cook with, but here’s why stainless steel remains the best and safest choice for all your cooking needs.

1) No More Burns

Made from alternating layers of steel and aluminum, stainless steel products can handle extreme temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit without curdling your favorite foods, like soups. The material favors quick and uniform thermal conduction when preparing the heaviest meals, and even when handling the lightest duties, like boiling water!

2) Non-Reactive

Your health is taken care of by the different layers of metal that prevent rusting and corrosion, even when cooking acidic foods. Harmful chemicals and metallic flavors produced during the cooking process don’t react with the components of stainless steel.

3) Easy Cleaning

Whether you choose to hand wash them or run them through the dishwasher, the non-stick features favor easy washing for a sparkling look without any stubborn stains. The best approach to maintaining these high hygienic standards is soaking the utensils in hot water, then gently scrubbing them to get that glossy look.

4) Lifetime Service

Impact bonded aluminum-base maximizes the durability of stainless steel, thus guaranteeing that you can pass down your kitchen prowess to the generations after you. Despite being lightweight, these products are almost indestructible thanks to the multi-ply construction, which impact the hardness of the surface, thus giving it its longevity.

No matter what type of product you are purchasing to enhance your cooking experience, you should consider purchasing stainless steel. Outdoor refrigerators come in stainless steel and can enhance your outdoor cooking experience for many years.

5) Environmentally Friendly

Stainless steel comprises high-recycled content and at the expiration of its impressive longevity, it undergoes equally impressive recapture rates, ensuring diversion from landfills and instead of becoming either reused or recycled into new high-quality products.

6) Affordability

Stainless steel products give you value for your money as compared to materials in the same category. Ranging from high-end to budget ones, the products are reasonably priced and relatively cheaper than other cookware.

7) Classy Look

The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a modern and attractive appearance that fits every interior from modern and urban to traditional and rural. It can be susceptible to scratches but if handled well, it retains a stylish aesthetic and obtains a high-end finish in the kitchen.

Now that you are ready to buy the best stainless steel cookware you can find, you need to also be aware of how to take care of the utensils you have purchased, so that their service life can be enhanced.

  1. All labels and stickers should be removed before first use.
  2. Before the first use, you must wash all the vessels as well as ladles, lids, forks, etc. with a mild soap solution and use a nonabrasive cleaning pad, a soft piece of cloth, or a sponge.
  3. For frying pans, use some oil and heat on low flame for some time, and then throw away the oil, wash and then use it.
  4. Similarly, for other vessels, you can fill them with water and boil before draining the water.
  5. To remove more complex cooking stains that will not go away using soapy water, please boil with vinegar (1-part vinegar to 4 parts water).
  6. Try avoiding the use of these utensils for prolonged storage of food.

Do your research and find the stainless steel cookware that works for you!