Admit it, we all need some extra money. This is especially true when 2019 is about to end and the season of Christmas gifts, black Fridays, promotions and offers that invite us to spend, spend and spend is around the corner.

There are two ways to make money online: Active income and Passive income. The first one is the one we all know (a typical job in which you do something and get paid for it). The second, however, is much more interesting, as it is about earning income with very little or no effort after an initial investment.

This is what we are going to focus on, presenting you with five alternatives to start earning money in 2020

Platform #1: Flippa

Real Estate for websites. Flippa is a marketplace for websites that allows you to buy and sell already working webs, blogs, and e-businesses.

This market is quite popular even though it has been under the radar for years. In fact, there are hundreds of people who visit this page daily, placing bids on cheap websites only to advertise them and republish them at a higher price later on.

Flippa shows users the website's information as well as an estimate of its monthly earnings. And just like on eBay, users place a bid or buy it at a specific price.

After buying it, you can hold it and benefit from it, redesign it to add some value or simply speculate with its price, all with a few clicks.

Platform #2: Udemy

Udemy is a website dedicated to hosting online courses. All you have to do is prepare some useful and exciting classes about something of your expertise, upload it to Udemy and earn a commission for each person who buys your course.

It is one of the best alternatives to Skillshare, but this platform gives teachers 50% of the listed price for their courses. Also, they have a referral option that can give teachers much more attractive earnings, which is an advantage over the competition.

Platform #3: Clickbank

Clickbank is a massive marketplace for affiliate links. Basically, you find links to any product you can imagine and earn money promoting those products.

The links generate very attractive commissions for each product people buy through your link, even giving you more than 75% of each sale.

You just need to create a blog, video, or even an Instagram post promoting an article and each sale it generates will give you profits without time limit.

Platform #4: Shutterstock

If you are a good photographer or graphic designer, this is where you want to be.

Shutterstock is a website that hosts images for commercial purposes. You can upload a picture and get a small commission for each person who buys it.

The trick here is consistency and quality. The more content you upload, the higher your earnings will be. Also, we recommend you to find a niche that is not too mainstream and upload images related to this field from time to time.

Platform #5: Amazon

Amazon has a set of services that you can use to make money quickly and easily.

The most popular is the Amazon Associates Program, which allows you to create a personalized link to earn a commission for each sale that Amazon makes of a product through your link.

Another program is Amazon Handmade which allows you to earn money by selling homemade items created by you.

And finally, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to earn money by writing books and selling them through Amazon.

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