If you are looking for an OS for your PC, you are basically confined to macOS, Windows, and Linux (yes, we know there are many other options, but proportionally they are not as popular or as supported). However, of these 3, Linux is the most flexible.

Given that Windows dominates the world of operating systems, it is difficult for many users to take a leap of faith and migrate to Linux. With this type of people in mind, Zorin OS is presented as perhaps the best alternative for all of those who want to try Linux but still are hardcore Windows users.

If you want to read the shortest Zorin OS review, here it is:

ZorinOS is the most beautiful and Windows-friendly Linux Distro ever... EVER!
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The two most popular flavors of Zorin OS are "Core" and "Ultimate." Core is free and contains everything you need to have a smooth and functional operating system. The Ultimate version is paid for and includes many extras for a complete experience; it contains non-open-source libraries and some pre-installed programs that you would otherwise have to download manually.

Honestly, the Core distribution should be more than enough if you are an average user.

Zorin OS 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 Long Term Support, but it is hugely modified to provide a smooth, beautiful GUI. It actually doesn't feel like Ubuntu. The attention to detail showed by Zorin's development team makes this distro a pleasure to the eye.

ZorinOS 15 Desktop

The interface is clean, very similar to Windows but customizable to the extreme. Users can choose an interface that emulates Windows 10, Windows XP, and even macOS. Of course, it is also possible to use GNOME's own style, all with one click.

macOS user? take a look

Another exciting feature available in this distro is Zorin Connect: An application that allows integrating smartphones and desktops in a fast and comfortable way.

Also, there are adaptative wallpapers, a browser chooser, dynamic wallpapers, a carefully debuggedfor touchscreen support, dark themes, DND, Flatpak support, redesigned apps, and much more.

Zorin OS has evolved to the point that it makes the use of a command-line practically unnecessary; however, it's there, available for those who prefer the famous apt-get instead of browsing through an online store with an immense catalog of applications.

Zorin OS 15 Store

Oh! And, did we metion you can install Windows games in Zorin OS thanks to its pre-built compatibility with Wine and Play on Linux?

You can play many Windows Games on Zorin OS 15

Just for reference, Zorin OSis in the top 10 of the most popular distributions of the last 12 months, surpassing other mainstream distros such as Arch, Kali, Pop!, FreeBSD and Red Hat.

The Core version is available for free here:
The Ultimate version costs 39$, and you can get it here

However, with all sincerity, you don't really need it because the Core version is excellent by itself, so take a look! Download the iso, run it on a live USB, install it as a secondary OS or wipe that expensive Windows of your computer and switch to a fresh, beautiful and solid Linux distribution... You may be impressed